Effectively Wild Episode 1485: Block Bluster

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about 2019’s non-playoff teams actually being the big buyers this winter, the six-player Rays-Cardinals trade involving Matthew Liberatore and José Martínez, working with friends, and the Mariners not making trades, then answer emails about what constitutes a blockbuster trade, the worst go-for-it trades, and whether it’s better for the fans of a losing World Series team to know that the victorious team illegally stole signs.

Audio intro: Sister Sledge, "Blockbuster Boy"
Audio outro: Tame Impala, "The Less I Know the Better"

Link to latest Ben Clemens research on signings
Link to Craig Edwards on winning and free-agent spending
Link to Ben Clemens breakdown of the Cardinals-Rays trade
Link to Sam’s famous Rays trade tweet
Link to list of disastrous deadline deals
Link to video of Smith’s homer
Link to order The MVP Machine

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Oh my, that opening sample took me right back to the Willie Stargell and the “We Are Family” 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates, the first time I can remember a team being associated with a popular song. (Eat it, Baby Shark!)