Effectively Wild Episode 1512: Let’s Predict This Decade

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about Padres outfield un-fun facts, then discuss MLB’s $1 million “The Vault” competition to predict several statistical leaders of the 2020s, producing their picks in each category, reviewing how hard it would have been to pick the winners of the 2010s, and ruminating on the nature of baseball predictions and the inexorable impending decline of Mike Trout.

Audio intro: Tacocat, "Crystal Ball"
Audio outro: Tame Impala, "Let it Happen"

Link to MLB’s vault competition
Link to Dan on Trout’s inevitable decline
Link to Ben on Lords of the Realm
Link to Sam’s last Pujols pain post
Link to Trout baby video
Link to Smith LASIK surgery story
Link to order The MVP Machine

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