Effectively Wild Episode 1877: The 10th Anniversary Retrospective

On the 10th anniversary of Effectively Wild’s first episode, Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley kick off a week-long celebration by reflecting on the milestone, then (6:40) bring on producer Dylan Higgins and listener Chris Hanel for a round of Effectively Wild trivia and fun facts. After that (41:49), they dig into the podcast archive for a highlight reel of favorite moments from Effectively Wild’s past, narrated by broadcaster Jason Benetti, which is followed by a Past Blast from 1877 (2:21:48) and a collection of listener-submitted audio tributes to the show (2:27:43).

Audio intro: Travis, “Anniversary
Audio interstitial 1: Mark Eitzel, “The Last Ten Years
Audio interstitial 2: Tennis, “10 Minutes 10 Years
Audio outro: Al Stewart, “Anniversary

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Link to 1877 story source 1
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