Effectively Wild Episode 1894: The Indomitable Dodgers

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the approving responses to Ben’s blistering (by Ben’s standards) Yankee Stadium review, Christian Walker’s scale-breaking defense at first base, “defended” vs. “defensed,” the Dodgers’ historic run of regular-season success, and the battle between teammates Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt for NL MVP frontrunner status, followed by Stat Blasts (49:13) on the Yankees and slumping prospective playoff teams, teams whose players led their league in each type of hit, the biggest differentials in pitcher Game Score from one start to the next (against different teams and the same team), Lucas Giolito and the longest strings of starts with different numbers of earned runs allowed, and the most non-hit RBI to start a career, plus a Past Blast (1:11:56) from 1894.

Audio intro: Super Furry Animals, “Run! Christian, Run!
Audio outro: Atomic Rooster, “Never to Lose

Link to first base OAA leaders
Link to Petriello’s tweet
Link to Mark Simon on Walker
Link to Scoop leaders
Link to Petriello on the Dodgers
Link to Ben on the Dodgers in 2015
Link to Dan Szymborski on Bellinger
Link to Angels lineup with Ford
Link to info on MLB co-MVPs
Link to Tyler Kepner on the Yankees
Link to Jay Jaffe on the Yankees
Link to Jay on playoff-team season ends
Link to MLB.com on playoff-team season ends
Link to Stathead
Link to Ryan Nelson on Twitter
Link to hottest team starts
Link to playoff-team slumps
Link to league hit leaders data
Link to worst 2022 Game Scores
Link to worst pre-2022 Game Scores
Link to biggest Game Score swings
Link to listener emails database
Link to Richard Hershberger’s Strike Four
Link to 1894 story source

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