Effectively Wild Episode 1934: How to Bring Back Bellinger’s Bat

Ben Lindbergh convenes a roundtable of hitting analysts—Robert Orr from Baseball Prospectus, Esteban Rivera from FanGraphs, and Ryan Parker, formerly of Baseball Prospectus and the Los Angeles Angels—to diagnose the problems with free agent Cody Bellinger’s much-diminished bat and recommend how to revive it. They also discuss their approaches to analyzing hitting, coachability, the differences between public and private hitting analysis, the importance of mashing mistakes, the Angels, and more. Then (1:15:03) Ben closes with a Past Blast from 1934 and a few followups about Bellinger, tweets, and assists on strikeouts.

Audio intro: Wednesday, “Cody’s Only
Audio outro: The Killers, “Cody

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Link to Versalles SABR bio
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Link to Esteban on vertical bat angle
Link to Robert on crushing cookies
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Link to Jacob Pomrenke’s website
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Link to Blue Jays tweet
Link to Canseco at Vice
Link to Canseco on time travel
Link to assists story 1
Link to assists story 2
Link to assists story 3
Link to assists story 4

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