Effectively Wild Episode 1935: How Next Season’s Standings Project Today

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about their Thanksgivings, Joe Kelly’s comments (10:29) about free agents’ team visits being “outdated and cheesy,” the Astros signing José Abreu (30:25), and some standout totals (45:17) from the preliminary ZiPS-projected standings for 2023, plus Past Blasts (1:15:48) from 1935.

Audio intro: The Shivas, “If I Could Choose
Audio outro: Redd Kross, “Choose to Play

Link to Kelly’s comments
Link to “Avocado Factor” wiki
Link to MLBTR FA predictions
Link to FanGraphs FA predictions
Link to previous EW Abreu episode
Link to Kevin Goldstein on Abreu
Link to MLBTR on the Sox and Abreu
Link to MLBTR on Houston and Abreu
Link to White Sox depth chart
Link to job listing for The Freeze
Link to tweet about The Freeze
Link to Ringer pod with The Freeze
Link to projected 2023 standings
Link to post on Giants pinch-hitters
Link to 2022 projections review
Link to first Past Blast story
Link to Dean Past Blast story
Link to 1935 Giants story source
Link to SABR on the 1935 Cubs
Link to Cubs vs. umpire source
Link to Jacob Pomrenke’s website
Link to Jacob Pomrenke on Twitter
Link to @MrSugarPenis story
Link to NYT tweet about it

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2 months ago

Meg, the ‘Meg saying “the [x] of it all”‘ of it all is starting to feel repetitive…

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