Effectively Wild Episode 1942: Get Interested in Interest Rates!

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the Pirates’ Vince Velasquez hype video, a “mutant option” for Cody Bellinger, and a Francisco Rodríguez-only Hall of Fame ballot, then (22:09) discuss Carlos Correa’s 13-year contract with the Giants and its implications for the NL West, the Twins and Cubs, and the future of old-player production, along with musings on the state of the Dodgers’ rotation after their signing of Noah Syndergaard. After that (51:24), FanGraphs writer Ben Clemens joins to get everyone interested in interest rates and explain why the CBA and economic conditions have encouraged teams to sign so many free agents to extremely lengthy deals this winter. They close (1:22:40) with a Past Blast from 1942.

Audio intro: The Luxembourg Signal, “Ramblin’ Rodriguez
Audio interstitial: The Hold Steady, “On With the Business
Audio outro: PUP, “Grim Reaping

Link to Velasquez video
Link to signing tweet
Link to Priester video
Link to laptop tweet
Link to Pirates’ winter moves
Link to “mutant option” tweet
Link to Foolish tweet
Link to Belisle mutual option
Link to bad ballot
Link to Dan S. on Correa
Link to Mallory Pugh wiki
Link to Eisert on Syndergaard
Link to Dodgers depth chart
Link to SP depth charts
Link to Simon on Correa
Link to Olney on Judge
Link to Ricketts comment
Link to Ben on long deals
Link to Rosenthal on long deals
Link to EW on long deals
Link to Kovalchuk article
Link to NPR on interest rates
Link to 1942 story source
Link to FDR’s letter
Link to Jacob Pomrenke’s website
Link to Jacob Pomrenke on Twitter
Link to Carlin video
Link to Carlin transcript
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