Effectively Wild Episode 1961: Hallternative Energy

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Orioles owner John Angelos reneging on his offer to show reporters the team’s financial information, the O’s acquiring Cole Irvin, the Astros hiring the Braves’ Dana Brown as their new GM, and the Twins trading for Michael A. Taylor to be Byron Buxton’s backup, plus more ways in which baseball is different from other sports (27:12), a mini Stat Blast about Jeff Kent’s ability to turn the double play (46:32), and a Past Blast from 1961 (55:58). Then (1:03:55) they bring on Joseph L. Price, professor emeritus at Whittier College, to discuss the past, present, and future of the Baseball Reliquary and the Shrine of the Eternals (a.k.a. “The People’s Hall of Fame”), as well as Whittier’s Institute for Baseball Studies and Price’s prolific National Anthem career.

Audio intro: Sherry Davis, “Broken Promises
Audio interstitial: Jeff Buckley, “Eternal Life
Audio outro: Alasdair Roberts, “Roomful of Relics

Link to Rays prospects list
Link to Angelos-Connolly exchange
Link to Connolly on the exchange
Link to Connolly on the books
Link to MLBTR on Irvin
Link to Carrie Mathison’s fallow yellow
Link to Dana Brown announcement
Link to MLBTR on Brown
Link to New York Post on Bagwell
Link to Houston Chronicle on Bagwell
Link to Passan on Crane and Click
Link to Ben Clemens on Taylor
Link to CF DRS leaders since 2015
Link to baseball exceptionalism wiki
Link to “The Hockey Song”
Link to “The Hockey Song” wiki
Link to mound visit rules
Link to Ray Ratto on the HoF
Link to Posnanski on Kent
Link to Slusser on Kent
Link to 2B ISO+ leaders
Link to 2B wRC+ leaders
Link to Morosi on Kent
Link to Russell’s Kent stats
Link to Russell on 1B fielding credit
Link to 1961 story source
Link to 1961 Winter Meetings (SABR)
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack
Link to Past Blast wiki
Link to Hall of Stats
Link to Hall of Stats EW episode
Link to BBTF Hall of Merit
Link to Prof. Price’s Whittier page
Link to Annie Savoy’s monologue
Link to Dalkowski EW episode
Link to Shelton EW episode
Link to Baseball Reliquary website
Link to Baseball Reliquary wiki
Link to Institute for Baseball Studies
Link to NYT on the Reliquary
Link to Daily News on the Reliquary
Link to LAist on the Institute
Link to O.C. Register on the Reliquary
Link to Dock Ellis induction
Link to Nancy Faust wiki
Link to Price’s Rounding the Bases
Link to ESPN on Price’s singing
Link to video on Price’s singing route
Link to Price’s Perfect Pitch

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1 year ago

The guy from the Reliquary ruled so much! Fantastic episode, nothing but respect for my shrine of eternals