Effectively Wild Episode 1988: The 2023 Team Fun Draft

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the joy of Opening Day and other news, including early reactions to the new rules, Rob Manfred’s comments about the ball-strike challenge system, Aaron Judge’s first homer, the Angels’ Tungsten Arm game, a good/bad Hunter Renfroe no-look catch, a Taylor Ward name mix-up, the Giants’ latest new left fielder, a Cristian Pache press release, Buck Martinez, George Santos’s message for the Mets, the minor league CBA, an on-field proposal gone wrong (but also sort of right), and more. Then (58:11) they conduct the third annual Team Fun Draft, in which they draft all 30 teams in order of how fun they are to follow in 2023, plus a Past Blast (1:56:06) from 1988 and a few follow-ups.

Audio intro: The Shirey Brothers, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: The Needy Visions, “Havers of Fun

Link to Opening Day press release
Link to Opening Day stats
Link to Manfred on the zone
Link to Judge homer
Link to Grant’s Judge tweet
Link to Ward/Wade wiki
Link to story on Giants LF
Link to info on Ohtani outing
Link to Tungsten Arm story
Link to Renfroe’s catch
Link to Renfroe catch probability
Link to Pache press release
Link to Baumann’s Pache tweet
Link to Buck’s booth return
Link to Buck impression
Link to MLBTR on Verlander
Link to Santos video
Link to info on the CBA
Link to CBA ratification news
Link to Baumann on the CBA
Link to Russell on Cost in 2012
Link to Russell on cost in 2013
Link to Russell on cost in 2021
Link to proposal video 1
Link to proposal video 2
Link to TMZ on the proposal
Link to other proposal report
Link to Yankees uni numbers story
Link to Cruz homer
Link to Bard anxiety story
Link to 1988 Past Blast source
Link to Triple-A Classic wiki
Link to Triple-A Alliance wiki
Link to Sam on 1988
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack
Link to Ben on the pitch clock
Link to Ben’s preseason predictions
Link to Meg’s preseason predictions
Link to EW prediction voting results
Link to double-draft episode
Link to before/after WS odds
Link to FanDuel OD WS odds
Link to DraftKings OD WS Odds
Link to EW drafts/competitions sheet
Link to expanded playoffs incentives
Link to Forbes on Ohtani
Link to sped-up Trout/Ohtani video
Link to side-by-side Trout/Ohtani 1
Link to side-by-side Trout/Ohtani 2
Link to The Sun on Angelos
Link to Sun editorial on Angelos
Link to Angelos radio quotes
Link to Defector on Angelos
Link to The Shirey Brothers Bandcamp

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2 months ago

As the podcast goes on, I’m like how are the Yankees still not picked? Slightly influenced by going to Opening Day, but they are fun! Dingers, Volpe, interesting pitching! I’m not saying they’re #1, but definitely should have comfortably been in the top 10.