Effectively Wild Episode 1989: Baseball Goes Back to the ’80s

Ben Lindbergh and Noah Woodward of the newsletter The Advance Scout discuss Noah’s front-office career, the impact of the MLB rules changes on pace/time of game, the running game, and hitting and defense so far, how players may adapt, the questions Ben and Noah still have about the rules’ long-term effects, Rob Manfred’s characterization of analytics as “an arms race to nowhere,” and more. Then (1:00:26) Ben brings on LJ Rader of the Twitter/Instagram account Art But Make It Sports to explain how he cleverly juxtaposes sports scenes with images of paintings and sculptures, whether baseball lends itself well to his work, and his best baseball images, plus a Past Blast (1:40:16) from 1989 and a few closing thoughts (1:46:42).

Audio intro: Justin Peters, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio interstitial: Xavier LeBlanc, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Beatwriter, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Noah’s Substack
Link to Noah’s BP archive
Link to Noah on changeups
Link to Noah on back-picks
Link to Noah on pickoffs
Link to Noah on pickoff substitutes
Link to Noah on Greinke
Link to article on clock momentum
Link to Jaffe on late-season momentum
Link to Dan S. on playoff momentum
Link to Russell on momentum
Link to Mariners-fan countdown
Link to Sam on Corbin
Link to Baumann on Orioles running
Link to Ben C. on steals
Link to Volpe SB article
Link to Jeff on Lester
Link to Jayson Stark on OF shifts
Link to new “sweeper” classification
Link to Ben on the pitch clock
Link to Ben on pitcher limits
Link to Ben on mound moving
Link to Tango on game times
Link to Petriello on BABIP
Link to Passan on stat changes
Link to Manfred on analytics
Link to Lewie Pollis on EW
Link to Lewie on leaving a dream job
Link to Lewie’s follow-up piece
Link to R.J. on front-office brain drain
Link to MLB Closed Captioning
Link to @UnfortunateMLB
Link to Umpire Scorecards
Link to Would it Dong?
Link to Art But Make it Sports Insta
Link to Art But Make it Sports Twitter
Link to Art But Make it Sports website
Link to Araujo EW episode
Link to SI on LJ
Link to LJ’s Bednar post
Link to LJ’s proposal post
Link to LJ’s Ventura/Ryan post
Link to LJ’s Siri post
Link to LJ’s Muncy post
Link to LJ’s Murphy post
Link to 1989 Past Blast source
Link to 1989 Hadley paper
Link to 1992 Hadley paper
Link to 1993 Hadley paper
Link to 1991 MLB payrolls
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack
Link to Ward/Wade wiki
Link to Arcia prediction story
Link to Turner mic’d up
Link to Ben on mic’d up players
Link to McKenna/Duvall video
Link to Stathead on Duvall
Link to Pagliaroni game
Link to errors preceding walkoffs
Link to EW on Shamsky
Link to EW on Shamsky again
Link to Bowie Baysox meetup
Link to Caught Steelin’ band

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