Effectively Wild Episode 1990: Week 1 Non-Overreactions

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about whether Ben should apply for a full-time job covering Shohei Ohtani, MLB seeking a pitch-clock sponsor, the brilliance of Sandy Alcantara, clock violations leading to ejections, post-Opening Day call-ups for top prospects (most notably Grayson Rodriguez), Alcantara compared to Jacob deGrom, the feud between Tyler O’Neill and Oli Marmol, whether teams in last place will stay there, early playoff odds changes, neither overreacting nor underreacting to early-season stats, and more, plus a Past Blast (1:18:31) from 1990.

Audio intro: Tom Rhoads, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: SAVAK, “Reaction

Link to Ohtani job listing
Link to clock-sponsor story
Link to Ben on pitch-clock history
Link to Ben on Alcantara
Link to Machado ejection
Link to Anderson ejection
Link to Ohtani violations
Link to Ohtani and Hoberg
Link to Elias on Rodriguez
Link to Rodriguez debut video
Link to story on O’Neill and Marmol
Link to tweet about Bader/Marmol
Link to Ben C. on Ohtani’s stuff
Link to playoff odds changes
Link to Joe Sheehan on stats so far
Link to quotes about ball
Link to study on spring training stats
Link to Rob Arthur on batted balls
Link to James on signature significance
Link to “whelmed” quote
Link to 1990 Past Blast source
Link to 1989 Hadley paper
Link to Sale scissors story
Link to Turn Ahead the Clock
Link to David Lewis’s Twitter
Link to David Lewis’s Substack
Link to drag dashboard

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