Effectively Wild Episode 2028: Baseball Band

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about All-Star-roster minimums and maximums, what the Aroldis Chapman trade tells us about the how teams value prospects, Jake Diekman’s exploits with the Rays, Evan Longoria’s late-career contributions, and the same-named siblings of Carlos Pérez, Carlos Pérez, Wilmer Flores, Wilmer Flores, Wander Franco, Wander Franco, and Wander Franco. Then (45:59) they talk to Steve Wynn and Linda Pitmon of The Baseball Project about the band’s origins and longevity, its new album, the inspiration for its songs, its songwriting and recording process, its historical accuracy, ensuring that multiple eras are represented, being musical super-utility players, the band’s audience and place in its members’ musical careers, the musicians they’d want to recruit, and more, plus a Future Blast (1:35:36) from 2028.

Audio intro: The Baseball Project, “New Oh in Town
Audio interstitial: The Baseball Project, “The All or Nothings
Audio outro: The Baseball Project, “Screwball

Link to All-Star rosters
Link to All-Star-selection fun facts
Link to Jay Jaffe on the Chapman trade
Link to Sheehan on the Chapman trade
Link to Meg on Chapman in 2015
Link to FG’s 2016 Chapman breakdown
Link to Diekman projection episode
Link to Ben on Longoria in 2015
Link to 2021-23 3B offense leaderboard
Link to Octavio Hernández Pernía
Link to FG name-linker pop-up
Link to story on Flores brothers
Link to Franco family photo
Link to Franco profile
Link to other Franco profile
Link to story on Pérez brothers
Link to Foreman quote
Link to stream Grand Salami Time!
Link to buy Grand Salami Time!
Link to The Baseball Project website
Link to upcoming tour dates
Link to Steve Wynn’s website
Link to Spin musician baseball preview
Link to The Dream Syndicate reissue
Link to Rick Wilber’s website
Link to Ellis LSD no-no video
Link to Emma B. on Ohtani’s June
Link to Dan S. on Ohtani projections

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