Effectively Wild Episode 2031: No Peeking in the Press Box

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Meg’s experiences at the Futures Game, the draft, and the Home Run Derby, Derby highlights, the Derby on TV vs. in person, Elly De La Cruz’s mad dash, and the Yankees switching hitting coaches, plus a Future Blast (49:12) from 2031. Then (54:25) Ben talks to FanGraphs lead prospect analyst Eric Longenhagen about the draft and other topics, including the strength of the draft pool, the Pirates picking a pitcher (Paul Skenes) first, the effect of the top two picks being LSU players, the mostly predictable top of the draft, the draft’s two-way prospects and the potential for more two-way players, the wisdom of drafting for need, the teams that had the most commendable and perplexing drafts, the Marlins demoting Eury Pérez, the Rockies’ sparsely populated draft room, how visual machine learning and artificial intelligence are affecting scouting, and more.

Audio intro: Justin Peters, “Effectively Wild theme
Audio interstitial: Beatwriter, “Effectively Wild theme
Audio outro: Alex Glossman and Ali Breneman, “Effectively Wild theme

Link to article on Rutschman
Link to 1960 Derby article
Link to 1990 Derby retrospective
Link to Derby homer totals
Link to tweet about Derby spectating
Link to more on Derby spectating
Link to Elly’s steals
Link to tweets about Elly/Carew/Faber
Link to Elly’s Baseball Savant page
Link to MLBTR on the Casey hiring
Link to Jon Heyman on Casey
Link to Lawson quote
Link to Rick Wilber’s website
Link to MLB draft tracker
Link to Eric’s last mock
Link to Eric’s Day 1 recap
Link to CBS on draft winners/losers
Link to USA Today draft takeaways
Link to Baumann on Waldrep
Link to Ben on pitching prospects
Link to Schifman on pitcher workloads
Link to MLBTR on Pérez
Link to Joe Sheehan on Pérez
Link to Ben on draft rooms
Link to Kyle’s Rockies tweet
Link to KG on draft rooms
Link to Tommy John spreadsheet
Link to WSJ on scouting and AI
Link to The Athletic on tech spending
Link to BA on college offense
Link to Stanton’s long homer
Link to Stanton’s short homer

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