Effectively Wild Episode 2118: The Call-Up is Coming From Inside the House

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about what would happen if top prospects could promote themselves, the Mariners-Twins trade involving Jorge Polanco, Photoshop mockups of players in their new teams’ uniforms, Byron Buxton returning to center field, the Blue Jays signing Justin Turner, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. as an MLB The Show cover model, the surprising aspects of the Hector Neris and Adam Ottavino signings, the Tigers’ Colt Keith extension, follow-ups on the death ball and a Dick Monfort body swap, and whether we need a central sports history authority to provide perspective on every sports controversy.

Audio intro: Justin Peters, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Alex Glossman and Ali Breneman, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Morosi tweet
Link to marshmallow test article 1
Link to marshmallow test article 2
Link to marshmallow test article 2
Link to FG on the Polanco trade
Link to Twins depth chart
Link to Mariners depth chart
Link to Mariners’ Polanco tweet
Link to Mariners’ Taylor tweet
Link to Mariners’ Voth tweet
Link to Twins’ trade tweet
Link to Rosenthal on the Mariners
Link to airbrushed baseball cards
Link to Gleeman on the trade
Link to Falvey comments
Link to FG post on Julien
Link to Davy’s Julien song
Link to MLBTR on Buxton
Link to FG post on Turner
Link to ESPN on Vlad’s cover
Link to Sportsnet Vlad story
Link to FG post on Keith
Link to Tigers’ Keith tweet
Link to Sam on “seeking”
Link to tweet about Neris
Link to FG post on Neris
Link to Rosenthal on Neris
Link to MLBTR on Ottavino
Link to Becker tweet about Ottavino
Link to Seidler tweet about Ottavino
Link to Monfort email episode
Link to Barnwell on Campbell
Link to Florio on Campbell
Link to Kram on NBA scoring
Link to EW on running backs
Link to “arrow in the knee”
Link to Ben’s TLOU podcast
Link to Ben’s Palworld podcast
Link to MLBTR on the Orioles
Link to Rosenthal on the Orioles

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