Effectively Wild Episode 2133: (Eternal) Rest Day

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the Phillies’ Zack Wheeler extension, the Giants’ Matt Chapman signing, and a Scott Boras quote about free agency, then (17:35) bring on Patreon supporter Jay Wade Edwards to answer listener emails (26:41) about see-through players (and see-through pants), how different baseball would be if instead of a lineup of batters facing a single pitcher it featured a lineup of pitchers facing a single batter, rooting for a minor league team, formal “rest” stints on the injured list, the value of pulled fly balls, and an Armando Galarraga redo, and then Stat Blast (1:16:50) about high-WAR baseball cemeteries.

Audio intro: Guy Russo, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Alex Ferrin, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Dan on Wheeler
Link to Jay on Chapman
Link to Boras quote
Link to Newman Q&A
Link to MLB’s pants PDF
Link to Snell pants photo
Link to Defector piece
Link to Ben C. on pulled FB 1
Link to Ben C. on pulled FB 2
Link to Ben C. on pulled FB 3
Link to Chamberlain on pulled FB
Link to PL on pulled FB
Link to DotF on Paredes
Link to DotF on spray angle
Link to article on Guardians whiffs
Link to NBA protest
Link to Galarraga game wiki
Link to NYT on Galarraga
Link to Galarraga in 2020
Link to 2022 Galarraga petition
Link to listener emails database
Link to abominable Stat Blast song
Link to EW cemeteries guest
Link to Stat Blast spreadsheet
Link to cemetery research intro
Link to Cypress Hills Cemetery
Link to Green-Wood Cemetery
Link to NINE Conference
Link to Jay’s Substack
Link to Jay’s website

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