Effectively Wild Episode 2173: Five Men Out

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley discuss MLB’s clearing of Shohei Ohtani and banning of five other players for betting on baseball (including Tucupita Marcano’s permaban), touching on MLB’s culpability (or lack thereof), gambling ads, the future, and more. Then (39:32) they banter about the latest instance of Tommy Pham going aggro, which demotion is more surprising, Spencer Torkelson’s or Edouard Julien’s, leaguewide parity and a purported lack of good teams, a Garrett Crochet trade rumor, a memorable Brewers-Phillies game, a skills competition at the Futures Game, the Rangers’ resistance to Pride Night (1:16:18), a suggested Kyle Tucker nickname, a Reed Garrett update, a decrease in position-player pitching, why mid-PA pitching changes haven’t caught on, and SABR’s new determination about which Negro Leagues were major-league quality.

Audio intro: Luke Lillard, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Davy Andrews, “Edouard Julien, Are You Gonna Rule Again?

Link to MLBTR on Ohtani
Link to MLB bans press release
Link to Marcano MaML
Link to Baumann on the ban
Link to 2015 Cosart story
Link to naming rights story
Link to regulation article 1
Link to regulation article 2
Link to regulation article 3
Link to regulation article 4
Link to regulation article 5
Link to Weaver on Pham
Link to latest Pham play
Link to Statcast on the send
Link to 2022 Pham play
Link to Pham-Pederson dispute
Link to Pham wiki
Link to Pham tweet
Link to Pham on the Mets
Link to Pham in AZ info 1
Link to Pham in AZ info 2
Link to Dan S. on Tork/Julien
Link to preseason Julien post
Link to preseason projections
Link to MLBTR on Suwinski
Link to Sam tweet
Link to Sheehan on the ALC
Link to end of Pac-12 baseball
Link to indy Oregon team
Link to Ben on team mediocrity
Link to EW on team mediocrity
Link to Ben on Morgan quotes
Link to FJM
Link to Crochet rumor
Link to Hoskins/Dahl game
Link to skills comp info
Link to KBO bunt derby clip
Link to Levi on the website slogan
Link to Levi on Pride Night
Link to Ghiroli on Pride Night
Link to AP on Pride Night
Link to LAT on Pride Night
Link to Rob Mains on PPP
Link to article on Tucker
Link to Clemens on mid-PA changes
Link to Ben L. on mid-PA changes
Link to SABR on the Negro Leagues
Link to Lester/Thorn on EW
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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