Effectively Wild Episode 2174: Angles in the Outfield

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the showdowns between Paul Skenes and Shohei Ohtani, Skenes’s strengths and weaknesses as a pitcher and an entertainer, the least and most exciting types of strikes, and more. They then discuss the improbable longevity of Aroldis Chapman’s triple-digit pitch speeds, whether the risk of losing the most games ever should stop the White Sox from selling, whether outfield positioning is suppressing offense more than the shift ever did, the less lively but far-from-dead ball, the end of Atlanta’s shutout streak, Adam Duvall’s beer-cup throw as proof of concept for a skills competition, MLB’s latest curious sponsor, an unsightly London Series shirt, and a potential Kyle Tucker nickname. They also assess bears, sharks, pterodactyls, and other natural predators.

Audio intro: Guy Russo, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Andy Ellison, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Ohtani-Skenes video
Link to “Paulk” Skenes video
Link to Sam on Skenes
Link to Bonds vs. Gagne
Link to R.J. on Skenes
Link to Skenes postgame interview
Link to Skenes HR reaction
Link to Ohtani-Skenes-Chapman game
Link to Skenes Baseball Savant page
Link to Heart zone data
Link to Chase zone data
Link to article on Skenes fastball
Link to info on foul-ball rates
Link to Longenhagen on Skenes
Link to Woodward on Skenes
Link to Chapman max speeds
Link to Cooper on Chapman
Link to Chapman Instagram story
Link to EW Episode 1
Link to MLBTR on the Sox
Link to Passan on the Sox
Link to FG playoff odds
Link to BaseRuns standings
Link to Russell on OF defense
Link to Rob on playing deeper
Link to Rob on OF defense
Link to Episode 1907 wiki
Link to 1907 Unglaub arc article
Link to Ben on moving the mound
Link to EW on time-traveling GM
Link to Teoscar batted ball tweet
Link to Chapman reaction
Link to longest no-shutout streaks
Link to Duvall video
Link to Paine on Duvall
Link to buildsubmarines.com
Link to buildsubmarines.com release
Link to Good Sam Club release
Link to Camping World release
Link to Doosan release
Link to EW on beer/cerveza
Link to beer/cerveza follow-up
Link to London shirt tweet
Link to London shirt tweet 2
Link to Reed tweet
Link to split scarves tweet
Link to Reed/shirt post
Link to Dan Flashes meme
Link to mother is mothering meme
Link to shark-punching article
Link to lowest team OBPs
Link to lowest team wRC+
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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