Effectively Wild Episode 2175: Whose Foul Line is it Anyway?

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s recent resurgence, then answer listener emails about what a dynastic team could do to avoid being widely hated, a mid-plate-appearance batting change, widening the foul lines to increase offense, whether reducing pitcher injuries would be worth bringing back pitcher hitting, the popularity of a perfect ump, the fairness of unintentional foul tips, and which Mario Kart power-up would be best in baseball, plus additional banter about the Angels’ surprisingly small post-Ohtani attendance drop and ((1:09:51) a Stat Blast (with Michael Mountain) about championship win probability MVPs, combining regular-season and postseason stats, and more.

Audio intro: Harold Walker, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Josh Busman, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to Vlad leaderboard
Link to Ben on the Dodgers
Link to Paine on the Giants
Link to Ben on mid-PA changes
Link to PH penalty post
Link to foul lines article 1
Link to foul lines article 2
Link to foul lines article 3
Link to foul lines article 4
Link to foul lines article 5
Link to foul lines article 6
Link to foul lines article 7
Link to Ben on pitcher hitting 1
Link to Ben on pitcher hitting 2
Link to Hoberg EW segment
Link to Mario Kart items
Link to previous Mario question
Link to Caldwell article 1
Link to Caldwell article 2
Link to listener emails database
Link to Sam’s Angels tweets
Link to team attendance changes
Link to ESPN strength of schedule
Link to Michael’s Stat Blast cover
Link to Sam on postseason stats
Link to Michael’s cWPA spreadsheet
Link to yearly cWPA leaders
Link to Kiner and Rickey article
Link to Ben on Britton
Link to Ben on pitch-clock history
Link to 1970 GCL batting
Link to 1970 GCL Pirates
Link to Andino headshots
Link to Curse of the Andino
Link to Sam on single-play WAR
Link to ballpark meetup forms
Link to meetup organizer form

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