Effectively Wild Episode 1923: The Umpire Perfect Game

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about umpire Pat Hoberg’s unprecedented “perfect game” behind the plate in Game 2 of the World Series, followed by musings on Nolan Arenado opting not to opt out of his contract, the Royals hiring Rays bench coach Matt Quatraro as their new manager, and Rob Manfred’s latest update on the zombie runner, then break down Games 1 and 2 of the World Series, reflect on the folly of predicting sweeps and seven-game series, and provide a Past Blast from 1923. Then (1:17:54) they bring on Umpire Scorecards creator Ethan Singer to explain how he realized an umpire perfect game had occurred, how Hoberg’s umpire perfecto was calculated, Hoberg’s track record, the squishy nature of ump perfection, the concepts of accuracy, expected accuracy, and consistency, the odds of a perfect game occurring, Umpire Scorecards in the robot-umps era, umpiring accuracy and difficulty in the postseason, the rest of the umps in the World Series, and more.

Audio intro: John Cale, “Perfect
Audio interstitial: Ronnie Wood, “100%
Audio outro: Kiwi Jr., “Highlights of 100

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Link to MLBTR on the White Sox search
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Link to Posnanski on on Verlander in G1
Link to post on Díaz’s non-HBP
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Link to 1923 story source
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Link to article on televised World Series
Link to Jacob Pomrenke’s website
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Link to Ethan’s first EW interview
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Link to MLB’s no-hitter redefinition
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Link to 2015 article on ump improvement
Link to 2016 article on ump improvement
Link to study on umpire age
Link to umps and high leverage study
Link to EW on umpire decision fatigue
Link to Baumann on rainout implications
Link to NYT umpire interactive

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