FanGraphs Audio: Donnie Ecker on Coordinating an Offense

Episode 1008

In this episode, we get insight from a professional run-creator before turning the tables on our favorite interviewer.

  • In the first half, David Laurila welcomes Donnie Ecker, bench coach and offensive coordinator for the Texas Rangers, to the program. Ecker, who David also interviewed last year, shares what it’s like to work with manager Bruce Bochy, associate manager Will Venable, and director of hitting Cody Atkinson as they help the team’s hitters be at their best. We also learn about how important it can be to adapt strategies from other sports and industries, and how studying pitching can help with understanding hitting. Finally, Ecker tells us about working with players like Marcus Semien, Josh Smith, Evan Carter, Josh Jung, Ezequiel Duran, and Nathaniel Lowe. [3:22]
  • After that, Ben Clemens makes David the subject of the interview for FanGraphs Backstories. We hear about David’s pre-baseball life, from his time at the Detroit Institute of Arts to working in the ticket office at the Boston Ballet to moderating a Red Sox message board, and how interviewing baseball players led to a career change that took him to Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus before arriving at FanGraphs. David also talks about the art of the interview and some of his most notable conversations before sharing his favorite baseball memories, including his first major league game and the no-hitter he saw with his daughter. [39:40]

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Audio after the jump. (Approximate 1 hour 6 minute play time.)

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