FanGraphs Live: OOTP Time Machine (Today 12 PT/3 ET)

Ben Clemens is once again prepared to change history.

Utilizing the power of Out of the Park Baseball 21, Ben is getting in the driver’s seat of the 2010 Tampa Bay Rays, with just one change: What if he had drafted Buster Posey first overall two summers earlier?

Join me, Ben, and Kevin Goldstein for our live stream as we revisit Posey’s remarkable Rookie of the Year campaign… assuming that he had instead joined the 96-win Rays and tried to help take them deeper into the playoffs.

“I hope we can Bust out of our recent funk and strike a Pose atop the AL East,” said manager Ben Clemens when asked for a quote. “What, these aren’t clever? Too forced? Look, Buster Posey is great and we’re going to beat the snot out of the Yankees.”

The stream starts today at 12 PT/3 ET over on our Twitch channel or on the FanGraphs homepage. And if you can’t make it in real time, all of our previous broadcasts can be found archived on our channel page as well.

We hope you can make it!

Dylan assists in producingFanGraphs Audio, Effectively Wild, and the FanGraphs Live Twitch channel. He also enjoys the Waxahachie Swap (RIP), the Air Bud principle, and the Oxford comma. You can Tweet him about any of those things @dhhiggins.

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