How Excited Are You for Baseball?

I’ve never been much for this time of year, myself. I haven’t really cared about truck day, because that’s just a day there’s a lot of shit in a truck. And I haven’t really cared about pitchers and catchers, because I don’t need to know when players are being checked for disease. I don’t celebrate spring-training events like they’re holidays, but that even being said, I do understand the symbolism. And I’m aware of a shift within myself — spring training confirms that the season is really going to happen. When the offseason drags along, like it always does, it can be easy to forget there’s an onseason. It’s the stuff that’s coming that we all really care about, and now 2016 feels the most real it ever has.

It’s not that we ever stop looking ahead when we talk about baseball, and offseason analysis always folds in projections or expectations, but this is the time of year you start seeing pictures of teams all together. They stop being teams that exist only on paper, and they start being teams with talent, and health, and confidence, and whatever other qualities you choose to observe. You kind of stop thinking about roster modification, and you start thinking about roster optimization. About how a given team can be the best it can be, with the players in house. I don’t think hope ever dies, but this is when, even for the worst teams, it can awaken from its slumber.

The headline here might be kind of obnoxious. It reads a little like a teacher talking to children before a field trip. I’m sorry about that, but I’m terrible at headlines and I’m not getting any better. As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, this is another poll post. And this is another poll post where I’m going to be really interested in the results, because I think they could teach us a little about baseball fan psychology. We’re all now aware that games — meaningful games — are going to start taking place in an amount of time we can reasonably say to be weeks. Every team is going to be playing, and every team is going to be playing for something. The season is around the corner. So, how excited are you about it? What is the feeling that you feel in your heart?

When I first constructed this post in my head, it was going to ask only about a few teams. Mostly the bad ones. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it makes the most sense to ask about everyone, so we can examine the entire landscape. We know the Cubs are supposed to be a hell of a lot better than the Phillies. Cubs fans know that, and Phillies fans know that. Okay. How do Cubs fans feel? How do Phillies fans feel? How much of a difference does that make, if it even makes any difference at all?

I like these polls because there isn’t a wrong answer. You might not even need to think for more than half a second. You should already know how you feel, even before reading this post, so now that you’re here, kindly select the answer that most matches your position. Baseball is ahead. Daily baseball. Overwhelming baseball. Both major- and minor-league baseball. Baseball you have to plan around, and baseball you don’t have to plan around because it’ll be there again tomorrow. How excited do you feel now for 2016? Thank you in advance to everyone who participates and therefore allows me to run little projects like these. They are very obviously nothing without you. (<3)

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The Ghost of Johnny Dickshot
7 years ago

What about just a general baseball fan, where’s my vote? I don’t follow a particular team but love MLB. This time of year (post Super Bowl until Opening Day in MLB) is the worst!