How They Were Acquired: The Washington Nationals’ NLDS Roster

The Nats have had a winning record in each of the last eight seasons and have reached the playoffs five times during that span, and yet it feels as though they’ve fallen short of expectations year after year. With the departure of Bryce Harper last offseason, a bullpen that’s mostly been bad, and a staff ace who has battled through a back injury for months, this could be the year they’re overlooked. Well, not by me or the three others at FanGraphs who picked them to win it all. But most people aren’t buying that they can take down a Dodgers team that might have more talent and depth than any team in baseball.

Here’s how every member of the Nationals’ 2019 NLDS roster was originally acquired. The team’s full RosterResource Depth Chart and Payroll pages are also available as a resource.

Homegrown (8)

Total WAR: 22.6

Signed in Free Agency (9)

  • Max Scherzer, SP: January 2015 (DET) — Signed to seven-year, $210 million contract.
  • Kurt Suzuki, C: November 2018 (ATL) — Signed to two-year, $10 million contract.
  • Patrick Corbin, SP: December 2018 (ARI) — Signed to six-year, $140 million contract.
  • Aníbal Sánchez, SP: December 2018 (ATL) — Signed to two-year, $19 million contract ($12 million club option for 2021).
  • Matt Adams, 1B: December 2018 (STL) — Signed to one-year, $4 million contract ($4 million mutual option for 2020).
  • Brian Dozier, 2B: January 2019 (LAD) — Signed to one-year, $9 million contract.
  • Gerardo Parra, OF: May 2019 (SF) — Signed to minimum salary contract for remainder of season.
  • Fernando Rodney, RP: June 2019 (OAK) — Signed to Minor League contract.
  • Asdrúbal Cabrera, INF: August 2019 (TEX) — Signed to minimum salary contract for remainder of season.

Total WAR: 17.8

Acquired Via Trade (8)

Total WAR: 10.6

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2 years ago

The nats had some good free agent contracts the last years. The Scherzer contract has worked fantastically and the Murphy contract was off the charts good (except the last half season or so before trade). Corbin contract also very good so far but too early to judge.

It helps when your bigger contracts aren’t busts. On the other hand some big misses like heyward with the cubs can ruin you