2020 Steamer Projections Now Available!

The another season has come and gone, but our readers’ appetite for baseball and its attendant prognostication remains.

To that end, and to give us all something to get us through the lean months ahead, today FanGraphs released for your enjoyment the 2020 Steamer projections.
The work of Jared Cross, Steamer represents the first opportunity of the offseason to peer into the gauzy mists of the future. The prorated version of the forecasts (known as Steamer 600) is useful, too, as a sort of quick estimate of true talent.

What does one find in the numbers? Mike Trout is once again projected to be the best player in baseball, putting a comfortable distance between himself and the next-closest position player, Mookie Betts. Anthony Rendon, who ranks second on our Top 50 Free Agent list, forecasts to be the sixth best position player in the game, bested only by Trout, Betts, Alex Bregman, Francisco Lindor, and Christian Yelich, and by those last two only barely. Meanwhile, Gerrit Cole, the No. 1 free agent available per our list, looks to be the best pitcher going into 2020.

What other revelations wait? Dive in and find out.

Meg is the managing editor of FanGraphs and the co-host of Effectively Wild. Prior to joining FanGraphs, her work appeared at Baseball Prospectus, Lookout Landing, and Just A Bit Outside. You can follow her on twitter @megrowler.

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4 years ago