Our Player Pages Are Going To Change

You might have noticed the URL structure for our player pages changed during the Winter Meetings. We are in the process of updating these pages, and that was our first step. We are planning on making more changes as the winter continues.

Some of these upcoming changes will alter the underlying HTML structure of the page, which could affect data analysis tools you might have built or use. We are creating a legacy version of the pages, so the player pages can be accessed from a direct URL (but not through normal navigation) in their current form for the near future.

To access the legacy version of the pages you will have to add -legacy to the old URL structure. So the statss.aspx becomes statss-legacy.aspx. This will circumvent the redirects to any updates we make to the pages. Below are a list of legacy player page URLs.


  • This is different but related to the URL redirects we did during the Winter Meetings. Using the -legacy URL will circumvent the redirects.
  • This isn’t designed to allow for normal browsing on these pages, so no site links will ever point to them. You can only access the legacy pages through the direct URL with the proper query string.
  • Some of the controls on these pages might not work. The URL parameters will still work, though.
  • We won’t add new features to the legacy pages.
  • After we launch the new player pages, the legacy pages might not last forever, but they will give you time to transition to the new pages.

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Mike Dmember
4 years ago

Are the new player pages going to have new information or is it just a redesign?

4 years ago
Reply to  Sean Dolinar

Sean, where do we find the 3 year ZIPS? I was looking for those the other day