The FanGraphs Second Opinion: Fantasy Companion

Update: The 2010 Second Opinion is Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that FanGraphs will be dipping its toes into the publishing world with its very first publication: The FanGraphs Second Opinion: 2010 Fantasy Baseball Companion, or for short, the 2010 Second Opinion.

First let’s get to what’s in it:

– Over 400 in-depth player profiles written by many of the FanGraphs and RotoGraphs contributors you’re already familiar with.

– Articles covering: closer situations, players coming back from injuries, sophomore players to watch, 2010 fantasy prospects, impact trades, the big questions for 2010, and something that Carson wrote, where he answers your questions before you even ask them!

– Stats & Graphs: Each player profile is accompanied by a stat box with 10 very useful stats for both fantasy and real-life player evaluation including spark graphs showing career trends.

– Team previews: Each team is previewed for next season, giving you the rundown on what to expect from a fantasy and real-life standpoint.

The book will first be available for download in PDF format late February for the low price of $7.95.  In addition to the PDF, you will have access to all the information in the book on when logged in to your FanGraphs account.  This information will include the written player profiles which will be integrated into the stats pages and all the articles and team previews in the book.

In addition, some of you may have noticed that FanGraphs has been contributing to ESPN Insider (ESPN’s all sports premium content) this past month with more to come.  If you purchase the book and are logged in, you’ll also have access to these articles and future articles we publish on ESPN Insider, on, through March 1st, 2011.

As we get closer to the book’s release, there will be more information and sample pages available.

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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“…you will have access to all the information in the book on when logged in to your FanGraphs account”.

Neato. Keep up the good work. I’ll be sure to buy.