Trainers Working Overtime

If Monday night became the catalyst to a billion Year of the Pitcher columns then perhaps Tuesday night should at least be labeled the Night of the Trainer.

Stephen Strasburg

The most well known injury in the league seems to lack one thing: an injury. Most reports have Strasburg undergoing every medical test known to man (and some) because he could not get loose during his pregame routine. The Nationals scratched Strasburg and replaced him with Miguel Batista who in turn bruised the Braves’ egos; pitching five innings of shutout ball with six strikeouts and a walk. As of now, there is no word on the long-term status of either Strasburg of the egos.

Huston Street

Like Strasburg, Street’s ailment did not occur during a game or even stretching. Instead, a batted ball nailed him in the nether region during batting practice. Loaded onto a stretcher and rushed to the hospital, the scene was surreal in its apparent seriousness. He’s being listed as day-to-day, but most fans would understand if he takes a day or two off.

B.J. Upton

The first of the night’s injuries to occur during the run of play; Upton sprained his ankle after the second batter of the night hit a single into center and he gave pursuit. It appeared Upton’s foot either was caught in the field turf or he simply landed the wrong way. Upton began hopping on one leg while scooping up the ball and tossing it, he then stayed on the ground for a few minutes before leaving the game. He too is day-to-day, with Joe Maddon suggesting he’ll miss two-to-three days.

Justin Upton

A bad night for the Upton family. Justin left minutes after big brother with a hip injury. His injury isn’t too severe and he should beat B.J. back into the lineup.

Shane Victorino

After making grab in the seventh inning against the Diamondbacks, Victorino walked off the field with the trainer for what is being described as a strained oblique. The hope is that he’ll avoid a trip to the DL, yet with the way the Phillies luck has went, expect him to miss at least a few days, and maybe a few weeks.

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I was at the nats game yesterday, solely to see a good game between hanson and strasburg. Ended up being entertaining anyway, but I was bummed out. I’d bet anything that if Strasburg makes the next start this is fake. Skip a start without A. Pissing off fans by announcing it last second or B. Announcing it early and not getting a sell out game.


I really doubt something that sinister was going on here, bonestock. This is simply a matter of protecting the most valuable investment in baseball.

The only surprising thing in this is that they didn’t send the entire staff of Johns Hopkins University Medical Center to examine him.

He’s lucky there isn’t a clause in his contract that prevents him from driving on highways.


Yea…maybe I’m just thinking with my wallet rather than my head.