Effectively Wild Episode 1627: For Your Aggressive Listening Pleasure

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about “listening aggressively,” “progressing past just talking,” and other winter rumor terminology, contemplate what the “virtual Winter Meetings” look like, then break down several rumored or completed trades or signings, including Lance Lynn and Adam Eaton to the White Sox, Raisel Iglesias to the Angels, Carlos Santana and Mike Minor to the Royals, and James McCann to the Mets (touching on the competitive pictures for the Rangers, Royals, and Reds), plus a listener email about heckling José Bautista.

Audio intro: The Undertones, "Listening In"
Audio outro: Eric B. & Rakim, "Keep ‘Em Eager to Listen"

Link to Lindor report
Link to Springer report
Link to Sam on “drawing interest”
Link to FanGraphs Twitch happy hour
Link to Craig Edwards on the Lynn trade
Link to Ken Rosenthal report about Lynn
Link to Tony Wolfe on the Eaton signing
Link to Ben Clemens on the Santana signing
Link to Jay Jaffe on the Iglesias trade
Link to story about McCann’s framing makeover
Link to story about McCann’s improved framing
Link to Bautista video

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Gotta say on the heckling thing – I’m on board with not tolerating fans who chant mean-spirited things about what the players earn. I was in the minors charting games for years, and it’s never okay when some drunk yells at an 18 year old about his signing bonus. I’ve witnessed a lot of incidents where coaches go out of their way to make sure that kind of personal stuff from fans isn’t tolerated. Casual fans have a very limited understanding of why baseball players make what they do, and I think, in baseball or not, drunkenly yelling at someone about their earnings shouldn’t be tolerated