Effectively Wild Episode 1657: The Stars Were Bright, Fernando

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the Baltimore Orioles trending on Twitter because of their 0.0 percent FanGraphs playoff odds, what that figure really signifies, and how teams tend to respond to pessimistic projections, then break down why the record-breaking 14-year extension signed by superstar shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. is a windfall for him, great news for fans of the Padres, and a boon to baseball. After that (35:10), they celebrate Prospect Week at FanGraphs by bringing on lead prospect analyst Eric Longenhagen to discuss his brand-new ranking of the top prospects in baseball, which organizations’ prospect strengths stand out, the potential of Wander Franco, Jasson Dominguez, and other intriguing talents, which prospects were most affected by the pandemic, whether there were any developmental upsides to playing at alternate sites, the upcoming draft classes, why Tatis was originally underrated, the now-complete career of Tim Tebow, and more.

Audio intro: Guns N’ Roses, "14 Years"
Audio interstitial: Hinds, "San Diego"
Audio outro: Matthew Sweet, "Coming Soon"

Link to @MLB playoff odds tweet
Link to Means on the Orioles’ playoff odds
Link to Ben Clemens on the Tatis extension
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Link to Sportico on Tatis and BLA
Link to Ken Rosenthal on Tatis and BLA
Link to Eric’s Top 100-ish prospects
Link to Kevin on pandemic-hampered prospects
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Link to story about Daniel Lynch
Link to NASA Perseverance press release
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Sigh. There’s no way you’d make jokes about Buddhism or the Muslim faith. But you make jokes about Christianity – that’s apparently ok. Do you guys even get your own hypocrisy? Meg, would you let a writer make a joke about any other faith and leave it in an article? So why is it ok to make jokes about Christianity on a podcast?

Please, hold yourself to the same standards of decency and acceptance that you expect from others when it comes to all races, religions, etc.

I can’t wait for the response that I’m some uptight conservative. I’m neither. Just someone who appreciates decency and kindness to all and sees no need to mock ANYONE’S faith or anyone’s decision that it’s not important to them. And consistency from those who preach about respecting the things that each of us value.

Chip Locke
Chip Locke

I think the jokes are based on the fact that he has used his faith for personal profit. If he just happened to be a devout christian, there wouldn’t be talk about it. In fact I’m certain that a large swath of players are devout christians, they just don’t make their whole image about it and make millions of dollars off the idea that they are devout.


I too was quite surprised about the comments regarding religious beliefs made at the end of the show. While I did have the background knowledge that they were made in reference to Tebow, there was no direct connection made, and for those that would have not known, those comments came out of nowhere with no context and could have been construed as random mockery of religion and its followers. And how was mentioning and mocking Tebow’s personal beliefs relevant to the conversation in the first place?