Effectively Wild Episode 1908: A Movie Script Ending (to the Season)?

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the latest hitting heroics by 30-year-old rookie Joey Meneses, then discuss the Guardians clinching the AL Central title, underdogs that defy the projections and playoff odds, and Albert Pujols’s 700th homer. After that (47:00), they talk to Death Cab for Cutie singer/songwriter/guitarist Ben Gibbard about the Mariners’ stretch run and playoff prospects, the sound of settling (for the third wild card), the greatness of Julio Rodríguez, the strengths and weaknesses of the roster, the future of the franchise, celebrity M’s fans, monitoring the Mariners during Death Cab concerts, the band’s stylistic evolution on new album Asphalt Meadows, the reception to the record, and more, plus a Past Blast (1:37:07), a few followups, and a closing word from Ben G.

Audio intro: Death Cab for Cutie, “A Movie Script Ending
Audio interstitial: Death Cab for Cutie, “I’ll Never Give Up on You
Audio outro: Ben Gibbard, “Duncan, Where Have You Gone?

Link to Ben on Meneses
Link to Jayson Stark on the Guardians
Link to Zack Meisel on the Guardians
Link to Zack on the celebration
Link to article on Guardians’ youth
Link to article on old-school Guardians
Link to SIS on Giménez’s defense
Link to Ben on contact and the playoffs
Link to FG preseason playoff odds
Link to FG preseason staff predictions
Link to MLB tweet about odds
Link to Guardians’ tweet about odds
Link to playoff odds check
Link to second playoff odds check
Link to BP IL Ledger
Link to Rob Mains on weak divisions
Link to Ben on Pujols
Link to Death Cab album/merch
Link to Death Cab tour schedule
Link to stream Asphalt Meadows
Link to Death Cab on Metacritic
Link to story on why we like music
Link to Church cancellation story
Link to Church rescheduling story
Link to “Ichiro’s Theme”
Link to Ben G.’s first EW appearance
Link to article about tour bus shortage
Link to 1908 article source
Link to SABR on the 1908 Winter Meetings
Link to article on lineups and gambling
Link to Shantz interview episode
Link to Pujols swing montage

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