Effectively Wild Episode 1933: Bats, Bets, Ballots, and Blasts

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about omissions from their Baseball Twitter draft, a few transactions (including the Kyle Lewis trade, the Gio Urshela trade, and multiple shortstop swaps), the Angels acquiring average players, the Dodgers non-tendering Cody Bellinger, the Phillies extending Dave Dombrowski, the new BBWAA Hall of Fame ballot and Ben’s ballot decision, a series of sports-betting investigations, a college-baseball trailblazer, comeback players of the year, and more, plus Stat Blasts (54:28) about Aaron Judge and intra-team WAR gaps, the most unique players put out, consecutive innings with double plays, and the timing of game-winning runs, a Past Blast (1:04:06) from 1933, and an Angels postscript.

Audio intro: Adrianne Lenker and Buck Meek, “Angels
Audio outro: Mimi Roman, “Never Ramble, Never Gamble, Never Roam

Link to Heyman tweet
Link to Baer tweet
Link to Nightengale tweet
Link to Bautista tweet
Link to Justin Choi on Lewis
Link to Baumann on shortswaps
Link to MLBTR on Dombrowski
Link to MLBTR on Bellinger
Link to Jay on the BBWAA ballot
Link to Jay on the committee ballot
Link to EW on Ben’s ballot last year
Link to NYT sports-betting thread
Link to NYT sports-betting article 1
Link to NYT sports-betting article 2
Link to NYT sports-betting article 3
Link to NYT sports-betting article 4
Link to Olivia Pichardo news
Link to comeback players story
Link to Ryan Nelson’s Twitter
Link to WAR-gap Stat Blast data
Link to putouts Stat Blast data
Link to game-winning-runs data
Link to Rob Mains on comebacks
Link to 1933 story source
Link to SABR on Browns ownership
Link to MLB.com on the Browns
Link to SABR on Jackie in Montreal
Link to Jacob Pomrenke’s website
Link to Jacob Pomrenke on Twitter
Link to MLBTR on the Renfroe trade
Link to tweet about Renfroe and Trout

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