Effectively Wild Episode 2057: Unlimited Power/Speed

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the NL wild card race and Dodgers starting pitching, then (17:24) answer listener emails about league-sanctioned spies, the best second jobs for an MLB player, a clairvoyant catcher, celebrating obscure records, switch-hitters and pitchers with reverse splits, existential fandom crises, selective fun-fact framing, oddly aligned MLB logos on a Dairy Queen cup, and an incredibly durable but otherwise unremarkable player, plus Stat Blasts (1:22:00) about quantifying “compilers,” superlative power-speed seasons, and long streaks of different team WAR leaders, a Future Blast (1:41:48) from 2057, and follow-ups.

Audio intro: Alex Ferrin, “Effectively Wild Theme
Audio outro: Ian Phillips, “Effectively Wild Theme

Link to FG playoff odds
Link to story on Lawlar’s debut
Link to MLBTR on Alcantara/Soler
Link to MLBTR on Buehler
Link to Jay on Gonsolin and TJ
Link to report about Urías
Link to Ben on MLB trade secrets
Link to Cronin podcast interview
Link to Loutos podcast interview
Link to story on mound visits
Link to story on Stallings record
Link to story about Maddon and splits
Link to more on Maddon and splits
Link to THT on pitcher-split forecasts
Link to FG info on splits
Link to Ben on matchup decisions
Link to Jay Cuda tweet
Link to Dairy Queen photo 1
Link to DQ photo 2
Link to MLB/DQ partnership
Link to Votto’s tweet
Link to Sam on Votto’s tweet
Link to listener emails database
Link to compilers spreadsheet
Link to Kenny Jackelen on Twitter
Link to power/speed spreadsheet
Link to Power/Speed Number wiki
Link to post on team WAR leaders
Link to team WAR leaders sheet
Link to Shantz EW interview
Link to Rick Wilber’s website
Link to Future Blast wiki
Link to Machado throw

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