FanGraphs Audio: Dan Szymborski and Ben Clemens Analyze “Some Baseball”

Episode 925

On this week’s show, Dan Szymborski and Ben Clemens have an extended chat about baseball happenings before eventually going a little off-topic.

The pair discuss what is going on with the surprising San Francisco Giants, as the club exceeds expectations and tries to make the postseason in a very competitive NL West. Dan and Ben look into what is fueling the Giants’ success and whether they should go all in this summer.

They also contemplate a revitalized Kris Bryant and Javier Báez leading the first-place Cubs, whether Tyler O’Neill can keep it up, and the truly incredible Jacob deGrom, who is trying to make history. Ben and Dan also consider intentionally walking the bases loaded and how early you could pinch-hit for your starting pitcher.

Finally, we hear about the legends of Jerry Wombat and Johan Santa before Dan educates Ben on the official drinks that go along with the most famous horse races.

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Audio after the jump. (Approximate 49 minutes play time.)

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