Last Day Before Membership Prices Increase!

Our Membership prices are increasing tomorrow, making this the very last day to be grandfathered into our existing Membership prices, which as I noted when I announced our spring Membership Drive, will remain the same until at least 2023:

We’re going to raise our prices from $50 to $60 for Ad Free Membership, from $20 to $25 for yearly Membership, and from $3 to $5 for monthly Membership. Please note: If you are an existing Member and maintain your Membership, your pricing will not change until at least 2023. If you subscribe at the current price before tomorrow, you’ll be grandfathered in until at least 2023.

To answer a question we got a lot after announcing the impending new pricing, if you’re an existing Member and your Membership is set to renew after June 2, don’t worry: your pricing will also remain the same until at least 2023 as long as you maintain your Membership. We hope this reminder gives those of you who are on the fence about Membership enough time to take advantage of our existing pricing.

As I said in my last pricing reminder, we think Membership is well worth your investment. Just since my last membership update in April, we’ve expanded our KBO stats offering, relaunched the FanGraphs Newsletter, and introduced the RosterResource Regular Season Transaction Tracker and Lineup Tracker. We launched FanGraphs Membership in 2016, providing an ad-free option the year after that. Until now, we haven’t raised the price for either option. But while every piece you read and tool you use at the site is free to access, they all take time and money to create. As we navigate the post-COVID baseball media landscape, this is what we need to do to sustain and continue to grow the site.

So become a FanGraphs Member today and support all of our work at the site. And thank you to all of our existing members!

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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What if we don’t have auto renew on, is there a grace period or something to manually renew at the grandfathered rate?