The NLDS Game 5 Pitching Matchups in Two Tables

Yesterday, Jay Jaffe noted that starting pitching has been carrying a greater load in the playoffs this year than in the regular season and recent postseasons. One really good reason for that is the sheer number of very good starters in the playoffs this October. Take today’s games as an example. Jack Flaherty and Mike Foltynewicz will go head to head this afternoon, followed by Walker Buehler and Stephen Strasburg tonight.

Below, find a table with the NL pitching WAR leaders this season:

NL Pitching WAR Leaders in 2019
Jacob deGrom Mets 2.43 2.67 7.0
Max Scherzer Nationals 2.92 2.45 6.5
Stephen Strasburg Nationals 3.32 3.25 5.7
Walker Buehler Dodgers 3.26 3.01 5.0
Hyun-Jin Ryu Dodgers 2.32 3.10 4.8
Patrick Corbin Nationals 3.25 3.49 4.8
Jack Flaherty Cardinals 2.75 3.46 4.7
Zack Wheeler Mets 3.96 3.48 4.7
Noah Syndergaard Mets 4.28 3.60 4.4
Sonny Gray Reds 2.87 3.42 4.4
Orange = Pitching Today in NLDS Game 5

Three of this season’s top seven National League pitchers by WAR are set to start, and try to get their teams a series away from the NL pennant. It’s possible we see a few more of those pitchers throw in relief in tonight’s games, as well. Now, look at this table showing the NL pitching WAR leaders since August 6 when Mike Foltynewicz made his first start since returning from the minors:

NL Pitching WAR Leaders Since August 6, 2019
Jack Flaherty Cardinals 0.84 2.24 3.1
Jacob deGrom Mets 1.62 2.26 2.3
Zack Wheeler Mets 2.95 3.43 1.6
Stephen Strasburg Nationals 2.4 3.5 1.6
Sandy Alcantara Marlins 2.73 3.72 1.5
Yu Darvish Cubs 3.08 3.04 1.4
Sonny Gray Reds 2.01 3.33 1.4
Walker Buehler Dodgers 3.35 3.06 1.3
Kyle Hendricks Cubs 4.47 3.47 1.2
Luis Castillo Reds 5.37 3.66 1.2
Mike Foltynewicz Braves 2.65 3.77 1.1
Aaron Nola Phillies 4.5 3.78 1.1
Max Fried Braves 3.91 3.23 1.1
Patrick Corbin Nationals 2.83 4.04 1
August 6 is when Mike Foltynewicz returned from the minors. Orange = Pitching Today in NLDS Game 5.

We could very well see an offensive explosion today, but the scheduled starting pitchers are some of the best in the game this year, with Mike Foltynewicz joining the group over the last two months of the season. Elimination games are almost always exciting, and these ones are likely to feature great pitching to boot.

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what’s great about today as well is all 4 are on regular rest… Should be a great day.

Wonder what the history is- how often do you see 3 of the top 7 pitching in LDS game 5’s like this?