You Can Now Aggregate Game and Season Stats on the Player Pages

Last month, we updated our Player Pages. Today we are debuting a new feature on the Season Stats and Game Log Pages.

But before I take you through that new functionality, I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude for the outpouring of support we’ve received over the last week. At FanGraphs, we have two developers who build and maintain the site: David Appelman, who started the site in 2005, and me. I have worked primarily on the front-end tools for the past five years. We are constantly trying to improve our site by adding new tools or making our existing ones better, all to fulfill our mission of providing excellent baseball analysis and allowing you to conduct great baseball analysis of your own. All of this takes time and development resources. It can take 2-4 months to complete projects like updating the Player Pages or incorporating the RosterResource Depth Charts into FanGraphs.

We plan to keep working hard to create even more tools during this baseball-less period, so that when the game does return, the best possible site for your baseball research and analysis is there for you. Your membership enables us to do so.

To that end, you are now able to aggregate stats across seasons on FanGraphs player pages! To select a span of seasons, press the shift key and click on the rows you’d like to aggregate. Or, if you are on a mobile device, a quick double tap on a row will select the beginning and end of the span. The selected span is highlighted in a light salmon red color, and the resulting aggregated row, which shows the player’s stats over that span, is at the bottom of the span in a darker salmon red color. For the Season Stats, you can click on season cell in the aggregated row (i.e. 2012-2015), which will take you to the leaderboards over that span.

You are able to aggregate full major league season spans on the Season Stats page, as well as a span of games on the Game Logs page for both major league and minor league games.

There are some limitations to what you can select:

  • Minor league stats cannot be selected.
  • Partial seasons cannot be selected.
  • Projections cannot be selected.
  • Post season stats cannot be selected.
  • Selections must be for continuous spans of time. We want to add the ability to select and aggregate individual seasons in the future, however.
  • The default sort for Game Logs is required for the aggregation feature to work. If you sort the table, you’ll have to refresh the page to have row aggregation again. The reason for this is that selected rows have to be a consecutive span of games.
  • There are a few fielding tables for which this feature is disabled.
  • There could be some rounding discrepancies. For reference, the aggregated rows number will match what we have on the leaderboards for Season Stats, and the row totals at the top of Game Logs if you were to select that date span in with the date picker.

I build things here.

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4 years ago

Awesome!!! Is there any chance of adding swstr% to either batted ball or more batted ball on the player pages so that it will show up for minor leaguers without having to customize?