Introducing the Starting Pitcher Probables and Schedule Grid!

The Starting Pitcher Probables Grid and Schedule Grid are the latest additions to our RosterResource collection at FanGraphs. They’re also the last of the features that remained on the RosterResource website. Moving all of the content from RosterResource to FanGraphs without losing any functionality, while also making some obvious improvements, is what I’ve called “Phase 1” of this project. Special thanks to Sean Dolinar for working so hard to put all of this into action.

“Phase 2,” which will begin in the near future, will involve us taking all of the feedback and suggestions from readers and making additional upgrades to all of the RosterResource content.

I discussed our newest features on Wednesday’s episode of The RosterResource Show.

These features, which are currently accessible from any RosterResource page (In-Season Tools -> Schedule Grid | Probables Grid), allow readers to look ahead at the next 10 days of probable starting pitchers. This content is updated regularly and will match up with our roster/depth chart pages. We’ll add a link to the RosterResource drop-down menu in the next day or two.

What information is currently included?

  • Probable starting pitchers for the next 10 days.
  • Projected starting pitcher, opponent (@ refers to a road game), and whether the pitcher is right-handed (R) or left-handed (L).
  • Dates have a different color background to highlight a new week (Monday thru Sunday) in order to easily identify starting pitchers projected to make two starts in a week.

What information do we want to include in the future?

  • A way to identify confirmed starter, likely starter, and TBD/best guess.
  • SP Power Rankings (overall/last 14 days).
  • Filters that allow readers to view only certain opponents (winning records, division opponents, etc.).

Feedback and Suggestions

As has been the case with the last few RosterResource additions, including the Closer Depth Chart, Transaction Tracker, and Injury Report, we plan on implementing our ideas to improve this feature once we circle back around for upgrades. Anything else we add or change will be a result of reader feedback and suggestions. Please use the comment section below to let us know what you like or dislike about these new grids and what else you’d like to see included.

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This is fantastic – it’s well-displayed and I will regularly use the feature. I have long wondered why I couldn’t find a thing in exactly this format; I’m glad my FG sub money is helping generate this product.