Jason Collette Baseball Chat — 1/31/14

Jason Collette: As the President of the Wilson Betemit fan club, it is a great day today. Let’s chat!

Comment From Mitch
Is there any hope Carlos Quentin can become relevant again?

   Jason Collette: Guys do not get healthier with age. Ideally, he’d be in the AL as a DH, but the fact he has exceeded 100 games played just 3 times in his career is not good.


Comment From Sandy Alderson
Am I going to actually pull the trigger on Stephen Drew?

   Jason Collette: You would have done it already if you were doing to do so. Milking it out only gives more leverage to he and his agent as the open market could create new opportunities with injuries that happen during camp.


Comment From Kev
Hey Jason, what do you think we can expect from Miguel Gonzalez?

   Jason Collette: No more than what he’s done so far, maybe a bit less.


Comment From Brad
If aj burnett signs with Orioles, who gets bumped from rotation?

   Jason Collette: Inserting the required “assuming he passes the physical” comment, one would have to think that adding Burnett does not initially bode well for Gausman opening the season in the rotation.


Comment From Earl
I’ve always been a fan of betemit, back when we he was a great platoon option in video games (it’s been a while for me). Anywho, what do you see him doing for the Rays this season?

   Jason Collette: For now, providing depth assuming he’s willing to report to Durham as it is tough to see him making the 25 man roster as it looks today. Ideally, he would give up switch hitting as he is simply a poor hitter from the right side but platooned effectively, I’ve always seen some hidden value in his bat from the left side.


Comment From Pale Hose
Would you rather gamble on Aaron Hicks or Junior Lake in a super deep dynasty?

   Jason Collette: Give me Hicks


Comment From PP Jutz
Is Manny Banuelos no longer relevant as a fantasy prospect? Am I 2 years too late with this question?

   Jason Collette: 24 IP over the past 2 seasons does not bode well for any prospect. Pre-injury, I loved him.


Comment From John
Keith Law’s rankings have names like Shipley and Dominic Smith pretty high… should I target them over guys Like Clint Fraser or Kohl Stewart?

   Jason Collette: I prefer taking a consensus route with prospects. Compare what Keith does to what other organization/sites do in their rankings and look at things from there. On Smith, he’s one of two first base prospects I’ve seen ranked in anyone’s top 100 with Singleton being the other. While other prospects could slide down the defensive spectrum to the position, I think the scarcity gives added value to Smith.


Comment From John
Thoughts on bailing on Moustakas for safer/less upside guys like Markakis, Utley in a dynasty??

   Jason Collette: Don’t do it. At least Moustakas is healthy and still has potential upside


Comment From Guest
AJ Burnett/Rays rumor….why ?

   Jason Collette: Why not? Sign Burnett to the same money the team is paying Price & then turn Price into a deal to restock a system that is currently thin on talent at the upper levels? If the opportunity is there, it is worth investigating. KLaw graded the system in his bottom 10 & BP didn’t rank any Rays prospect higher than 90 after six straight seasons of having at least one in the top 10.


Comment From Swing and a Miss Puiggy
Brandon Moss good for 25+ HR again in 2014? How about Mitch Moreland as a sleeper after a down babip 2013 that otherwise saw him post a career high ISO and BB%? (Swimming in the deep end of the 1B/Util pool here)

   Jason Collette: Yes, I like Moss a lot. He has an ADP of 151 right now as the 18th 1B off the board behind Adams, Belt, and Napoli. I’d take Moss over at least Adams in that bunch who is going 20 picks earlier


Comment From Ned Colletti
If I desperately needed a backup infielder, why did I let Mark Ellis and Nick Punto go?

   Jason Collette: Your guess is as good as mine. I loved the Cards pickup of Ellis to help ease Wong in. (enjoy that softball)


Comment From John
Hultzen and Rymer Liriano both have some injury history now… odds they bounce back?

   Jason Collette: Much less concerned about Liriano. Hultzen is dealing with shoulder stuff and that’s a danger zone for pitching prospects.


Comment From Tom
Pick two for keepers: Scherzer, Upton, Puig, Pujols

   Jason Collette: Puig & Scherzer


Comment From Earl
What would you pay for in an AL only auction for Asdrubal? How ’bout Aybar?

   Jason Collette: I’m out on both if bidding goes higher than $12


Comment From Guest
If the Dbacks were willing to pay $20 mil/yr to Tanaka, why were they not willing to give the other FA SP a deal like Garza received from MIL? Is there that much of a talent gap?

   Jason Collette: Or a health gap. There was a lot of scuttlebutt about people raising eyebrows at Garza’s medicals. The fact he went for that rate while not costing a team a pick says something. His final price was a drop from where the rumored market opened for him.


Comment From Carlos Quentin
Maybe I shouldn’t stand so close to the plate.

   Jason Collette: You’re only 2 more HBP away from passing Jeff Kent on the all time list. Don’t quit now!


Comment From Pat
see the Braves adding anyone else? AJ Burnett would be a godsend for them…

   Jason Collette: So Burnett doesn’t pile up strikeouts against the Braves, absolutely


Comment From Eddie
Why don’t MiLB players organize?

   Jason Collette: For the same reason they don’t like to admit being injured. MILB players are very replaceable under the current system and few make the kind of money where they can afford to take a potentially career-ending stance that would need to be the tipping point for it to take place.


Comment From Richard Sherman
Thoughts on Hosmer this year? Primed to take another step forward?

   Jason Collette: Loved what Hosmer did in the 2nd half (.371 wOBA) and expect to see him trend more that way.


Comment From david l
over/under 80 sbs for b hamilton?

   Jason Collette: Under. We haven’t see someone steal at least 80 bases in a MLB season since 1988 when both Vince & Rickey did it. I don’t expect to see it again any time soon either. There’s too much emphasis on time to the plate, moves, etc for it to happen.


Comment From Harjit
Hi Jason. Thanks so much for doing this chat. Wondering what your thought are on the Giants this season. Their offseason left me feeling kinda confused? And thoughts on Belt and Gary Brown especially. Thanks again!

   Jason Collette: I’m not crazy about it, to be honest. Eno & I covered it a bit on the last Sleeper & The Bust podcast. The Morse move was the big head scratcher for me.


Comment From White people are scrappy
Middlebrooks – long-term Boston 3B or rebuilding trade value while keeping the seat warm for Cecchini?

   Jason Collette: More the former, heard mixed reports on Cecchini


Comment From Swing and a Miss Puiggy
More useful in 2014: Erik Johnson or James Paxton?

   Jason Collette: I like Paxton slightly more


Comment From Pat
Do you think Julio Teheran takes another step forward this year?

   Jason Collette: He took his 19.8% K rate in the 1st half up to 25.4% in the 2nd half with better location & sequencing. I’m a Teheran fan


Comment From Matt
Sorry if I am repeating someone, thoughts on Tavares’ impact this year?

   Jason Collette: The acquisition of Bourjos allows Taveras enough time to fully recover and get the reps he missed out on last season with the injury. I don’t expect to see him until around the break.


Comment From vidal
Jason, love your podcasts with PS, when are they starting up again with any regularity?

   Jason Collette: The fantasy-based podcasts with Sporer are over because I no longer do anything with BP. Paul and I changed the format to real baseball and those shows are at http://topbhr.libsyn.com/ . If you want to hear me talk fantasy, Eno and I record twice a week and the feed is here – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/fangraphs-fantasy-baseball/id638494223


Comment From Stupid Joel
Is 2013 Cespedes what to expect, or were injuries a big contributor to his subpar season?

   Jason Collette: Injuries certainly didn’t help, nor did his poor 2-strike approach. He hit .130 and struck out 48% of the time in 2-strike counts last season. Only Uggla, Alvarez, and Martin were worse in terms of average


Comment From Mitch
Please give me some words of encouragement for Erasmo

   Jason Collette: I’m still drafting him in 2014 leagues if that means anything. Skills are still there, but his timeline was fubar’d last season and never really looked right.


Comment From Reza
in a 12 team roto (k/9 instead of k; 260 budget). i was offered a $2 buck Cory Hart for my $4 Frieri. I declined. Don’t love Frieri, but think he has decent value, specially in a k/9 league. right move? Just want to really see how you value Cory this year

   Jason Collette: I’m not trading any closer for a guy coming off multiple knee surgeries and who has had poor road splits throughout his career


Comment From Compton
Jason– a lot of us fangraphs readers aren’t too familiar with you. Care to give an introduction?

   Jason Collette: Good idea. I’ve been writing about fantasy baseball since 1999 where I got started at the old RotoJunkie.coom (now rjbullpen.com). In 2008, Fanball plucked me from there and then I was split between BP and Rotowire in 2011 when Fanball was shut down by Liberty Media. I’m still doing a lot of work at Rotowire and also do monthly contributions to BaseballHQ.com and guest spots on the ESPN Sweetspot blog. Lastly, I’ve been writing about the Rays since 2007 between time spent at DRaysBay, Dock of the Rays (now in the hands of the talented Jason Hanselman) and now write with R.J. Anderson & Tommy Rancel at TheProcessReport.net. I believe in the DH, roofed stadiums, fake grass, and yoga pants.


Comment From Bill
Fantasy sleeper for Beer league?

   Jason Collette: Coffee Bean Stout from Grand Canyon Brewing Company


Comment From jim
where does nelly cruz end up?

   Jason Collette: Seattle…it seems to be his destiny. They have the money, the desire, and the need. I’m sorry, Seattle fans.


Comment From RotoLando
One year only: Carlos Gomez or Matt Kemp?

   Jason Collette: Gomez, by quite a bit.


Comment From Stupid Joel
By admitting you can’t expect much more growth from Carlos Gomez, isn’t drafting him in the 1st/2nd round buying high?

   Jason Collette: Yes, but I feel he’s worth it. He finished 2013 as the 9th most valuable player in standard 5×5 formats. Looking at the skills he provides, I think he finishes 2014 in the top 15.


Comment From RotoLando
How would you like AJ Burnett on The Rays for a year?

   Jason Collette: If he would change his attitude about the shift, quite a bit. His high GB% tendencies with that defense & the positioning could be quite good.


Comment From Craig in Chicago
Do my White Sox surprise this year? Is Sale a top 10 fantasy SP? Thanks.

   Jason Collette: Sale is a top 10 guy, yes. But, no, I don’t expect Chicago to be playing meaningful games in September.


Comment From Jason
If position is not a factor, would you prefer Pujols or Cespedes this year?

   Jason Collette: Pujols


Comment From Brian
What do you see from Soriano in Washington this year? I’m in deep NL only and own him, but concerned about dip in velocity and contract situation with Washington. I know they don’t want that vesting option to kick in.

   Jason Collette: The Nats have plenty of capable relievers around him to fill in the gap. I don’t like what I saw from him last year & the indicators are not strong.


Comment From Beisbol
How come the Orioles are so cheap?

   Jason Collette: They have had a very odd offseason…same thing applies to last year as well. As Dan Syzmborski put it on Twitter, the Orioles being interested in Burnett at this point is like a brat deciding to start behaving on Christmas Eve to impress Santa


Comment From nacho
In a roto keeper league, do you keep Salazar over Gausman?

   Jason Collette: Salazar’s role seems more defined at the moment, but Gausman is the better talent IMO


Comment From Craig in Chicago
Is it just me, or are the Yankees going to be way under .500?

   Jason Collette: Just you, I think they’re closer to 90 wins than they are 80 for 2014. What they do to address the infield in the coming weeks is still TBD.


Comment From RotoLando
When is the next Podcast going up?

   Jason Collette: Sleeper & the Bust records as soon as I’m done chatting here. Next Tower of Power records with Paul sometime this weekend.


Comment From nacho
Do you agree, health being equal, Gyorko: shorter, lower peak but sooner, Rendon: higher peak but later?

   Jason Collette: Yes, I’m on board with that. I like Rendon quite a bit


Comment From Beisbol
Is Moreland all that different from Chris Davis before the latter broke out in Bmore?

   Jason Collette: I don’t think the inconsistent playing time Davis got in Tex did him any favors. O’s just let him do his thing & worked with him on it. Moreland isn’t going to be that, but there’s value for him if you can find a great situation where he can platoon with a a strong RH bat to handle the lefties.


Comment From Earl
Heading into my first dynasty draft in a week. Any tips for balancing win now talent versus younger guys?

   Jason Collette: Always play for the present. The teams that play for the future stay in that mode longer than they want to. Flags fly forever


Comment From Barry
Are you buying the .290 – .300 w/ 25-30 hrs for Castellanos by K.Law?

   Jason Collette: Who am I to question Keith on talent, or culinary things? As a peak projection, that’s very fair. As a 2014 projection, I think it is very aggressive.


Comment From Sagar
What are your thoughts on Trevor Bauer? Will he ever figure it out?

   Jason Collette: If the talent above the neck and below the neck ever synch up, he could be quite good.


Comment From Stanny
I’ve read a lot about the White Sox planning to start Jose Abreu in the big leagues at the beginning of this season. Do you really believe that he is ready to be the opening day first basemen for the ChiSox?

   Jason Collette: Yes, they have nothing to lose with him there. Power is at a premium these days, and he has it. Let him flourish


Comment From Craig in Chicago
Better record: Sea or NYY?

   Jason Collette: As both teams look on paper now, NYY


Comment From Mark
Can’t decide what to do with Ogando. Can he stay healthy? Does Holland’s injury open up a rotation spot for him? Can he take the next step forward and become a stud? Tough call… Your thoughts?

   Jason Collette: I do not like Ogando in the rotation as I question the durability. I like him in the swing role but I would consider every inning over 140 as gravy


Comment From Ajas Fahtid
Wilson Ramos flashed glimpses of power when healthy. It’s a mighty big “if”, but If healthy, where do you see him finishing the year in HR and RBI totals?

   Jason Collette: Oliver says 24/86, Steamer says 16/53. I lean closer to Steamer


Comment From Matt Carpenter
Will I get enough games at 2B to keep my eligibility there for next season?

   Jason Collette: With Wong & Ellis there, I don’t see it.


Comment From Sifredi
What is your source of ADP information?

   Jason Collette: http://stats.nesn.com/mlb/adp.asp?pos=all


Comment From Dawn Keibals
over/under on Matt Adams AB’s on the year given the logjam in the OF and his unfavorable splits v. LHP? Offer a guess at HR and RBI totals?

   Jason Collette: 550/22/80


Comment From Berserker
What type of year do you expect from Pineda?

   Jason Collette: I don’t expect much from him at all until I see what the stuff looks like in March.


Comment From Earl
how high are you going on your boy Brad Miller?

   Jason Collette: He’s from Orlando, so I like him. Good skills all around, and I like him to be a double-double guy in HRs & steals. I took him 182nd in my expert mock draft as my starting SS


Comment From Beisbol
When it comes to fantasy auction do you prefer stars & scrubs or diversification?

   Jason Collette: I let the auction dictate which way I want to go. Last year, I paid $78 for Pujols + Hamilton + Montero at AL Tout Wars. Somehow, they invited me back for 2014.


Comment From Jake
Where does Drew end up? Boston? The Golden Eagles? Long Island Ducks?

   Jason Collette: The Tampico Stogies. In all honesty, teams need to sign him sooner rather than later before other opportunities present themselves.


Comment From Calcium
Salazar for Sano or for Buxton, decent offer or overpay?

   Jason Collette: I’d do either in a heartbeat


Comment From Pete
Cigrani, Nolasco, Tillman, T.Walker, Bradley – decent options to team with Kershaw if going heavy on offense in upcoming fantasy draft?

   Jason Collette: Too much youth risk all at once there. Can only project one of those guys to work as many as 170 IP as it stands now.


Comment From Rick
What ultimate made you rank Byron buxton #1?

   Jason Collette: He’s the next Eric Davis, just hopefully healthier.


Comment From RyGuy
How close was Taylor Guerrieri to making your top 100?

   Jason Collette: Guerrieri’s TJ injury plus the drug suspension doesn’t do him any favors as there were makeup questions with him before he was drafted. Personally, I think he has the best potential in the system, but 2013 is a year to forget.


Comment From Craig in Chicago
more SB: Hamilton or Jacoby?

   Jason Collette: Hamilton


Comment From Jake
FA deal made in offseason with the most surplus value?

   Jason Collette: Garza move is my favorite thus far. Really pushed the needle for Milwaukee


Comment From Grack Zeinke
what do you see the DBacks doing with the MI glut? it appears that they have to make a trade. can’t go into the year with 3 SSs and it doesn

   Jason Collette: Eno and I discussed this on the podcast a few weeks ago. It is an odd situation. Ideally, they could move one for something to help with their second catcher because Montero may have to play 140+ games the way that looks now.


Comment From Chitown
Return package from Jays for shark bait that Cub fans would be excited about?

   Jason Collette: That would have to start with Stroman, who is most likely not available.


Jason Collette: When asking questions about Top 100 lists, please let me know whose list you are referring to. I see several “your top 100 list” — I didn’t make one 🙂

Comment From dragnalus
Who do you think will finish higher in AL ROY voting (assuming equal playing time): Bogaerts or Springer?

   Jason Collette: Bogaerts, because I can’t assume equal playing time. Plus, market is going to give Xander an advantage.


Comment From Stu
I just read your top 100 prospects. In regards to M. Franco, would the Phillies be better off with trying him out on LF instead of 1B or is that not feasible due to his athletic ability? His arm strength plays more to an OF role than 1B, no?

   Jason Collette: Personally, I’d like to see prospects moved to 1B after everything else hasn’t worked out;. Try him in LF and see what happens while working with him at 1B.


Comment From Jake
Over/under on the Broncos by 2.5 line coming out of most books?

   Jason Collette: I can’t wait for the Super Bowl to be over so we can focus on baseball. This week has been hell. That said, go Broncos. They have a UCF player as their kicker so they have my vote.


Comment From Travis
I am trying to get started in my own baseball analysis and writing. I’ve got the understanding and the programming jobs. I struggle to think of topics that haven’t been done yet, and I don’t have access to SQL databases that I would need. Any advice for those two things?

   Jason Collette: Get a PlayIndex subscription at B-Ref & download R http://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/base/ I use the 1st one heavily & still trying to learn the latter myself.


Comment From Desert Dog
Bradley – how soon for Dback fans?

   Jason Collette: Mid June…gotta stall that clock


Comment From Bkgeneral
Does Jay Bruce ever have a year he puts it all together? Maybe 3 hot streaks in a year vs 2?

   Jason Collette: If they let him bat third behind Hamilton & Votto, he could be in for a huge year statistically.


Comment From Swing and a Miss Puiggy
what format is your favorite fantasy league that you play in?

   Jason Collette: I only play roto and either OBP or BA leagues. No points leagues, and especially no head to head leagues. That BS if for fantasy football


Comment From Joey
With Josh Hamilton being motivated, gaining 20 lbs in the offseason, to go along with his decent 2nd half last year….is it too much to expect .290 30HR 100RBI from him in 2014?

   Jason Collette: Unless he changes his free swinging ways, that’s a lofty projection. His chase% doesn’t match that.


Comment From larrya
If you went to Cactus league. Which teams would you most want to see?

   Jason Collette: The Cubs new digs would be my first stop, after I went to Portillos in Scottsdale for lunch.


Comment From Pumpsie
TINSTAAPP aside, true ace potential: Giolito, Bundy, Thor, Bradley, or Gray?

   Jason Collette: Bradley for me


Comment From larrya
maybe I missed this, but where do you live?

   Jason Collette: Orlando for now, but moving to Charlotte this summer.


Comment From RotoLando
Are the Red Sox becoming more like The Yankees with the overhyping of their prospects? (not including Bogaerts, who is legit)

   Jason Collette: Prospectors/talent evaluators don’t overhype prospects based on the system that they’re in. The love for the Boston system is legit & Cherrington & Co should be applauded for what they’ve done up there.


Comment From Bill
AL/NL Cy young choices for 2014?

   Jason Collette: NL is always Kershaw until his arm falls off, AL…I’ll go with Darvish


Comment From Craig in Chicago
Odds Chris Davis hits 50?

   Jason Collette: I’ll take the under


Comment From Compton
Can you give me a list of pitchers to target in my draft? Just shoot from the hip here, I don’t need complex analysis, just gimme your top 5-10 gut break outs this year.

   Jason Collette: A few: Estrada, Wood, Kennedy, Griffin. Also, if you’re doing fantasy prep on starters & not buying Paul Sporer’s starting pitching guide, you’re missing out http://painttheblack.com/2014/01/2014-starting-pitching-guide-announcement/


Comment From Beisbol
Did Jean Segura hit a wall in the second half or did the league figure him out?

   Jason Collette: I believe Jeff Zimmerman is working on a piece about this now. We talked the other day and he was looking at how he was pitched in the second half because the league did pick up on something. If it isn’t published by next Friday, ask me again and I’ll tell you what it was.


Comment From Compton
What are the best sites for big money fantasy leagues?

   Jason Collette: If you’re a big money player, nfbc.stats.com is where you need to play. Greg, Tom, and the team that run those are top notch people and have a fantastic return rate. I helped them run a few drafts in NYC and would gladly do so again.


Comment From StevePete
How do you figure your projections for auction dollars? Is there an article that explains this?

   Jason Collette: My good friend Peter Kreutzer has written a lot about this of late on his blog – check it out http://www.rotomansguide.com/


Comment From Danny
If you had to choose, would you rather have Abraham Almonte or Nelson Cruz starting in LF over the course of a season?

   Jason Collette: If I had control over the M’s, I’d see what Almonte could do before forking $$$ over to Cruz and find a cheaper insurance policy.


Comment From Compton
Read K.Law’s list yesterday. With 5 SS in the top 7, ware we in some sort of golden age for SSs, or are their values being inflated because of the recent dearth of talent at the position?

   Jason Collette: Positions ebb & flow. He only ranked 2 first basemen, which is 1 more than BP did. First base prospects are very scarce at the moment, so the teams that can develop those guys are going to be at an advantage. The odds of all 7 sticking at shorstop are not likely strong. What might have been if Adam Jones & B.J. Upton both stuck at SS


Comment From Schiraldi
There have been some hints that aging curves may be changing, so that a player’s peak is getting younger. Zimmerman had a tentative piece on FG about this in December, and Gammons reported this fall that GMs were changing how they dealt with age for a post-PED age. How intrigued are you by this line of inquiry, and should we think about adjusting our fantasy strategies as a result?

   Jason Collette: Extremely intrigued. Eno has been writing about it as well of late and I’ve written some things in my other haunts about adjusting our perceptions of league norms.


Comment From Erik
Do you see Travis D’Arnaud providing similar stats to a 1st year Matt Wieters?

   Jason Collette: Have travisd’arnaudfacts.com been created yet? He’s capable of doing what Wieters did in 2010, but not the 2009 numbers.


Comment From Jon
You live in the Orlando area? Awesome stuff – lived here for 8 years now. What’s your favorite spring training venue in FL and why? Favorite FL beer? Is it true the Astros & Nationals are “switching” spring training venues?

   Jason Collette: I’ve always enjoyed my trips to the Dunedin complex. I wish the Nats & Astros would trade complexes, but that is on hold. Nats place is the worst in the Grapefruit League IMO. Favorite Florida beer — Maduro from Cigar City


Comment From Jason Collette
I’m posting this comment as Jason Collette and no one is the wiser.

   Jason Collette: Don’t tell Cason Jollette. He’ll get jealous


Comment From Mike
What’s your ideal repertoire for a pitcher?

   Jason Collette: 2-seam fastball, changeup, curveball & willingness to throw all 3 to both RH & LH


Comment From Travis Dunno
Who offers the best mock drafts? Will fangraphs ever have mocks draft rooms for readers? Would be fun to use fangraphs projections and rankings to draft against more knowledgeable humans.

   Jason Collette: I’ve used MockDraftCentral & RTSports for mock drafts and both work well for the purpose. Not sure if Fangraphs is going to do that, but it is worth bringing up.


Comment From Grack Zeinke
you have an odd, counterintuitive stance on the late FA market. while most evidence supports prices coming down bc of diminishing demand as P&C approaches, you are citing the random injury opening as the reason why his price will instead “go up” ?! interesting.

   Jason Collette: More opportunities creates more buyers. If I were an agent, I’d advise my client to sign sooner rather than later, but injuries can and do happen in camps.


Comment From Yanks stink
How don’t we finish last?

   Jason Collette: Because, the Orioles


Comment From Joey
Follow up question about Josh Hamilton…hasn’t he always been a free swinger?

   Jason Collette: It’s been worse over the past two seasons


Comment From Martin
Out of the NL East and Central this season, who’s playing october baseball?

   Jason Collette: Nationals & the Cardinals


Comment From Tom
Why do you do team previews in S&B? Positional previews are much more beneficial. I am not going to listen to 80mins to find Brandon Belt analysis. (Scorned Rotographs reader as their rankings didn’t fully come out in time for last year’s draft).

   Jason Collette: It was a requested format. This year, the writing should cover the positional breakdowns rather well. It seems like they’ve covered 68 closers now 🙂


Comment From Ski
What is the short term and long term outlook on Rex Brothers? And why the move to Hawkins?

   Jason Collette: Veteran experience/leadership to help the kid. It’s akin to the RBBC in fantasy football, but it was a good move by Colorado to help lead Brothers along


Comment From Ringlesby Pratchett
Does Carl Crawford have a no-trade clause? There’s been a lot of talk about shipping out one of the Dodgers outfielders, but Crawford is never in the discussion. Nick Franklin, b-prospect, b-prospect get that done? Mariners could use a leadoff man who can cover left or center.

   Jason Collette: GMs do crazy things in negotiations. Mariners would be giving away Franklin if they did that type of deal.


Comment From Danny Farquahar
Why don’t more experts love me?

   Jason Collette: Why doesn’t your own GM love you? Fernando Rodney rumors do not make sense. That bullpen is your kingdom, Lord Farquhar


Comment From Ringlesby Pratchett
Does Carl Crawford have a no-trade clause? There’s been a lot of talk about shipping out one of the Dodgers outfielders, but Crawford is never in the discussion. Nick Franklin, b-prospect, b-prospect get that done? Mariners could use a leadoff man who can cover left or center.

   Jason Collette: GMs do crazy things in negotiations. Mariners would be giving away Franklin if they did that type of deal.


Comment From Best Shape of my Life
As a pro athlete, shouldn’t I always be in the best shape possible?

   Jason Collette: Of course, but it is always helpful if you declare this in your walk year.


Comment From Ringlesby Pratchett
Cubs could really use some cost controlled starting pitching, but they have a ton of cost controlled position players. Mariners trade Paxton for Soler or Almora. Prospect for prospect trades happen so rarely, but isn’t this one you could see working for both sides?

   Jason Collette: We’ve seen a lot of these types of opportunities in the past, but they rarely, if ever, come to fruition. Teams are extremely hesitant to trade young pitching, even if it is for talented young hitting. That’s what made the Delmon Young/Matt Garza deal so neat when it happened. If you want some good laughs, go back and read the reviews of that trade.


Comment From Bill
closers you are targeting this year?

   Jason Collette: 3 late favorites – Axford, Farquhar, Veras http://stats.nesn.com/mlb/adp.asp?pos=RP


Comment From Ringlesby Pratchett
Is it unethical for MLB to ask 60 players to participate in a double blind test to examine the effect of steroids on their performance (including placebo of course)? I think we’d like an answer to this question.

   Jason Collette: I’m not in the camp of wanting an answer as I am comfortable with the work that has been done aleady, a lot of which Joe Sheehan recently covered http://joesheehan.com/?q=node/638


Comment From Jeremiah Nonbullfrog
Are the Upton boys already hasbeens and am I better of with Kate?

   Jason Collette: Much more concerned with the older Upton. He’s been a historical tinkerer of his swing; hopefully he and the coaches can find a right recipe of success for him and something he will stick to. I refuse to believe he is as bad as what we saw last season moving forward.


Comment From Vic
Is trout worth $52 in the 2nd year of a 5 yr AL only keeper?

   Jason Collette: If you have 18-20% inflation in your league, yes


Comment From RT
Who ends the season with the most IP: Liriano, Buchholz, or Cueto?

   Jason Collette: That’s a fun bet. Give me Liriano, by 6 over the next one


Comment From Rob (Alaska)
Final keeper slot: Homer Bailey or Shelby Miller? What if 2014 only as opposed to dynasty?

   Jason Collette: If you made me choose a pitcher not named Kershaw to win the NL CY Young, I’d put some money down on Homer Bailey. 5 straight seasons of skills growth & I think he’s in for a bigger 2014.


Comment From pr
should i trade kipnis for rosario in a 16 team 2 catcher league?

   Jason Collette: Not a chance. Kipnis could be a top 15 player this season.


Comment From Brandon
I’ve been offered Pollack for a closer (probably Frieri) in a 20tm keeper league… I have other closers, so I’m more concerned about what role Pollack plays this year. What can I expect from AJ this year?

   Jason Collette: He should get plenty of playing time in the OF. That said, a closer, even one with Frieri’s risk, is more valuable.


Comment From Pete – follow up
So take out the youngsters – can I compete with Cigrani, Nolasco, Tillman & a couple similar pitchers to team with Kershaw?

   Jason Collette: No, I don’t think you’ll have enough K’s and wins


Comment From Cleveland Rocks
C.Frazier – read things that get me excited, will the wait still be a couple years though?

   Jason Collette: Yes, but he will be worth the wait on the hair alone


Comment From Earl
Follow up to Calcium, would you deal Salazar for Correa or Addison? Which do you prefer of the 2?

   Jason Collette: For Correa, yes. He is going to be special. He has the maturity of someone 10 years older and is a sponge to instruction.


Best resource for auction values for those doing them for the first time?

   Jason Collette: Get some software such as the one Rotowire offers to their subscribers or Rotolab. You’ll want help dealing with in-draft inflation


Comment From Craig in Chicago
Prince in TEX, batting 3rd. Thoughts?

   Jason Collette: The lineup has the potential to be quite good. Choo hitting leadoff, Andrus hitting 2nd. If Wash goes all Dusty Baker and uses Andrus to bunt Choo over in the early innings to set up Fielder, he needs to assaulted with tumbleweeds


Jason Collette: Two hours flies by, but it’s time to record the podcast. I got to as many questions as I could – see you all again next week

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