Ranking the Prospects Traded During the 2020 Deadline

The closing bell rang on the trade deadline yesterday and, as always, many prospects were moved. I have the young players traded since early this month ranked below. Most of the deals these prospects were a part of were analyzed at length on this site. Those pieces can be found here, or by clicking the hyperlink in the “From” column below. I’ve moved all of the players below to their new orgs over on The Board, so you can click through and see where they rank among their new teammates; our farm rankings, which now update live, also reflect these changes, so you can see where teams’ systems stack up post-deadline.

A couple quick notes before I get to the order. The evaluations of players at the very bottom of the list (35 FV prospects) who weren’t on offseason prospect lists at all are subject to change as I continue to learn more about them. Follow the FanGraphs Prospects Twitter account or go to fangraphs.com/prospects for updates. Also, I’ve included a couple of post-prospect players in the order so you can get an idea of where I value them now as opposed to at their prospect peak. Both players, former top 100 guys, are highlighted in orange below.

Traded Prospects
FV Rank Name Position Age Team From For
50 1 Taylor Trammell LF 23.0 SEA SDP Nola, etc.
The top-ranked prospect traded for a second straight year, Trammell projects as a leadoff-hitting left fielder with rare defensive ability for that position. He is coming off a down 2019.
45 2 Terrin Vavra 2B 23.3 BAL COL M. Givens
Vavra is an athletic, albeit undersized, middle infielder with a profile driven by his contact ability.
45 3 Hudson Potts 3B 21.8 BOS SDP M. Moreland
Potts is a young corner infielder with plus power and strikeout issues.
45 4 Joey Cantillo LHP 20.7 CLE SDP M. Clevinger
Cantillo has an out-pitch changeup, low-90s velocity that might yet grow, and underlying traits that will help it play even if it doesn’t.
40+ 5 Gabriel Arias SS 20.5 CLE SDP M. Clevinger
Arias has everyday physical ability led by a plus glove and above-average power, and he also has a very aggressive approach that might be a problem versus major league arms.
40+ 6 Franklin Barreto SS 24.5 LAA OAK T. La Stella
Barreto has a potent bat control & power combo that has been totally undone by a feckless approach. Opinions are mixed on his glove.
40+ 7 Stuart Fairchild CF 24.5 ARI CIN A. Bradley
Fairchild is a well-rounded center fielder who I expect to make a push for big league outfield reps next year.
40+ 8 Andres Muñoz RHP 21.6 SEA SDP Nola, etc.
Muñoz is a young, high-leverage relief prospect with triple-digit heat. He had TJ in March.
40+ 9 Jeisson Rosario CF 20.9 BOS SDP M. Moreland
Rosario walks a lot and makes plenty of contact, but that contact often isn’t great. He’s the best athlete on this list.
40 10 Tyler Nevin 1B 23.3 BAL COL M. Givens
Nevin is a 1B/3B with enough of a hit/power combo to be a role-playing piece, but he probably lacks the raw juice to play every day.
40 11 Owen Miller SS 23.8 CLE SDP M. Clevinger
Miller has modest physical ability but his excellent feel for contact gives him a shot to play a consistent middle infield role.
40 12 Connor Seabold RHP 24.4 BOS PHI B. Workman
Seabold is a strike-throwing righty coming off a 2019 injury, and has developed an improved changeup.
40 13 Lucius Fox SS 23.2 KCR TBR B. Phillips
Fox is a speedy switch-hitter who projects in a multi-positional up-the-middle role.
40 14 Edward Olivares CF 23.1 KCR SDP T. Rosenthal
Olivares has an interesting frame/hit/power combo for someone who can play an okay center field, but his approach dilutes his production so he projects as more of a platoon type.
40 15 Packy Naughton LHP 24.6 LAA CIN B. Goodwin
Naughton is a high-probability backend starter/bulk relief type.
40 16 Kevin Smith LHP 23.3 BAL NYM M. Castro
Smith is a high-probability backend starter/bulk relief type.
40 17 Zack Short SS 25.3 DET CHC C. Maybin
Short is a good-gloved shortstop who walks a lot and has consistent doubles power.
40 18 Marcus Smith CF 20.0 TEX OAK M. Minor
Smith is a plus-plus runner with advanced feel for contact; his body has limited physical projection.
40 19 Riley O’Brien RHP 24.5 CIN TBR C. Reed
O’Brien is an older, fastball-heavy relief prospect.
40 20 Griffin Conine RF 26.9 MIA TOR J. Villar
Conine has huge power, and scary strikeouts.
40 21 Luis Basabe OF 24.0 SFG CHW Cash
Basabe is a once-prominent prospect who now projects as a fourth outfielder.
35+ 22 Travis Bergen LHP 23.5 ARI TOR R. Ray
A lefty with a new delivery, Bergen has a nasty breaking ball, and saw a velo spike that has his fastball creeping into the mid-90s.
35+ 23 Humberto Mejia RHP 27.3 ARI MIA S. Marte
Mejia is a below-average athlete and strike-thrower with a terrific vertical fastball/curveball combo.
35+ 24 Anthony Banda LHP 27.1 TBR SFG Cash
Banda graduated from prospectdom this week and was DFA’d. His velo is down two ticks, and his repertoire had been pared down to FB/CH. He’s a reclamation project for SF.
35+ 25 Gerardo Reyes RHP 27.3 LAA SDP J. Castro
Reyes is a funky reliever with big arm strength and 35 command.
35 26 Addison Russ RHP 25.8 NYY PHI D. Hale
Russ touched 96 last year but his best pitch is a reality-bending changeup. He also has an average curveball. He’s a little older and has below-average control, but he should be an up/down reliever.
35 27 Matt Brash RHP 22.3 SEA SDP T. Williams
Brash is a developmental relief prospect with vertically-oriented stuff.
35 28 Julio Frias LHP 22.3 ARI MIA S. Marte
Frias has been up to 97 and his fastball has huge tailing action, but he has 30 control and inconsistent secondaries.
35 29 Israel Puello RHP 19.9 MIL PHI D. Phelps
A big-framed righty with a long arm action and high slot, Puello struck out lots of hitters last year even though he sat just 88-90.
35 30 Dustin Harris 1B/LF 21.1 TEX OAK M. Minor
Harris was a Day 3 college sleeper whose bat looked good last summer. The 1B/LF defensive fit makes it a tough profile.
35 33 Mark Payton CF 28.7 CIN OAK Cash
Payton is a replacement-level bench OF type.
35 31 Juan Geraldo RHP 19.1 MIL PHI D. Phelps
Geraldo is a stocky righty up to 94, with a 3/4s arm slot.
35 32 Brandon Ramey RHP 20.0 MIL PHI D. Phelps
Ramey’s a lanky righty with low slot, upper-80s velocity.

The number of players above constitutes roughly 60% of the prospects who were named and traded at last year’s deadline. The gap was made up by Players to Be Named Later, a count of which I have provided below. This does not include deals for which the players involved have been reported (technically, Julio Frias is a PTBNL but we know he’s headed to Arizona, so he’s in the above table), and instead includes only the PTBNL we don’t know the identities of, dating back to the start of the season when the Padres traded a PTBNL to Oakland for Jorge Mateo. In instances where we’re unsure whether the deal will involve a player or cash, a dollar sign ($) denotes that it might be the latter.

Deadline Players To Be Named Later
Team No. of PTBNL Deal
Baltimore Orioles 6 x2 ATL-Milone, HOU-Velazquez, MIA-Bleier, COL-Givens, NYM-Castro ($)
Texas Rangers 5 x3 NYM-Jurado, Frazier, Chirinos, x2 OAK-Minor
Tampa Bay Rays 3 x2 CHC-J. Martinez, PHI-Garcia
Oakland Athletics 2 SDP-Mateo, CIN-Payton
Philadelphia Phillies 2 TBR-Garcia, PIT-Davis
Arizona D-backs 2 CHC-Chafin ($), MIA-Marte
Los Angeles Dodgers 2 TOR-Stripling
Boston Red Sox 2 CHC-Osich ($), COL-Pillar
Cincinnati Reds 1 HOU-Raley
Kansas City Royals 1 SDP-Rosenthal
Seattle Mariners 1 TOR-Walker
San Diego Padres 1 CLE-Clevinger
Los Angeles Angels 1 CIN-Goodwin

Eric Longenhagen is from Catasauqua, PA and currently lives in Tempe, AZ. He spent four years working for the Phillies Triple-A affiliate, two with Baseball Info Solutions and two contributing to prospect coverage at ESPN.com. Previous work can also be found at Sports On Earth, CrashburnAlley and Prospect Insider.

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Vlad's Dad
3 years ago

Great breakdown. One quick note, Travis Bergen’s age seems to be populating wrong.

J. Paquin
3 years ago
Reply to  Vlad's Dad

Ya, at age 22 vs. the actual 26 that would be a bad deal for the Jays.

3 years ago
Reply to  Vlad's Dad

Griffin Conine as well…

3 years ago
Reply to  bohknowsbmore

And Humberto Mejía