Ranking the Prospects Traded During the 2022 Deadline

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Ranked and briefly analyzed below are the prospects who have been traded during the loosely defined “deadline season,” which for simplicity’s sake I consider all of July. Most of the deals these prospects were a part of have been analyzed at length on this site. An index of those pieces can be found here, or by clicking the hyperlink in the “Trade” column below, which will take you to the relevant article. I’ve moved all of the 35+ FV and above players listed here to their new orgs over on The Board, so you can click through to see where they rank among their new teammates and read their full scouting reports. Our Farm Rankings, which update live, also reflect these changes, so you can see where teams’ systems stack up following the draft and the deadline compared to prior to the draft and relevant 2022 prospect graduations.

I’ve included the compensatory draft pick the Cubs will receive after they extend Willson Contreras a qualifying offer and he signs elsewhere, as they will essentially be trading him for that pick if he signs with another team this offseason, which I think is the most likely outcome. Now, on to the rankings.

2022 Trade Deadline Prospects
FV Rank Name Position Age Team From Trade
60 1 Noelvi Marte SS 20.8 CIN SEA L. Castillo
Power-hitting shortstop prospect with 30 HR potential. How frame/throwing develop could dictate move to 3B.
60 2 C.J. Abrams 2B 21.8 WSN SDP J. Soto
Leadoff prototype w/long-term power projection. Are poor swing decisions chronic or caused by rushed dev?
50 3 Ken Waldichuk SP 24.6 OAK NYY F. Montas
Big league-ready mid-rotation starter with three swing-and-miss offerings.
50 4 Robert Hassell III RF 21.0 WSN SDP J. Soto
High-probability, well-rounded everyday outfield prospect. A star if he stays in center, I think right is more likely.
50 5 Logan O’Hoppe C 22.5 LAA PHI B. Marsh
Well-rounded everyday catching prospect who is a year or two away. A complete player with average tools.
50 6 Luis Medina MIRP 23.3 OAK NYY F. Montas
Upper-90s heat and plus-flashing secondaries. Oakland rebuild gives him more time to develop as a starter.
50 7 James Wood CF 19.9 WSN SDP J. Soto
Leviathan CF w/rare power/speed combo. Huge range of defensive outcomes, raw pop > game pop for now.
45 8 Spencer Steer 2B 24.7 CIN MIN T. Mahle
Shift-aided infielder with contact/power blend. Near-ready, integral role-playing bat.
45 9 Jordan Groshans 3B 22.7 MIA TOR Bass/Pop
Contact-oriented third baseman and moonlight shortstop. Power weirdly regressed as a pro, has been hurt a lot.
45 10 Clayton Beeter SIRP 23.8 NYY LAD J. Gallo
Relief-only prospect who is still starting. Mid-90s velo, big riding life, plus breaking balls.
40+ 11 Edwin Arroyo SS 18.9 CIN SEA L. Castillo
Switch-hitting middle infielder with playable power. Everyday shot, three-ish years away.
40+ 12 Hayden Wesneski SP 24.7 CHC NYY S. Effross
Slider-heavy slinger with plus command (esp. of slider), contender’s no. 4/5 starter type.
40+ 13 Jarlin Susana SP 18.4 WSN SDP J. Soto
Gigantic 18-year-old up to 102 mph with a plus slider. Young, hard-throwing, but big-bodied demo is scary.
40+ 14 T.J. Sikkema SP 24.0 KCR NYY A. Benintendi
Looks great coming off lost 2021 (shoulder), low-90s, plus slider, plus command.
40+ 15 Jayden Murray SP 25.3 HOU TBR Mancini/Siri 3-Team
Sits 93-94 mph with big two-seam action, commands plus slider. Another no. 4/5 type, 2023 debut.
40+ 16 Nick Frasso SP 23.8 LAD TOR M. White
Whooping crane frame at 6-foot-8, 93-98 mph coming off TJ, above-average slider.
40+ 17 Antoine Kelly SIRP 22.7 TEX MIL M. Bush
Low-slot, late-inning mid-90s relief prospect with plus slider potential.
40+ 18 Drew Waters CF 23.6 KCR ATL Comp Pick
Frustrating toolshed with poor plate discipline. Realistic role is dangerous fourth/fifth outfielder.
40+ 19 Colin Holderman SIRP 26.8 PIT NYM D. Vogelbach
Power sinker/slider reliever. Third bullpen banana on a competitive team.
40+ 20 Jay Groome SP 23.9 SDP BOS E. Hosmer
Famous since his junior year of high school, Groome is now a four-pitch backend starter type.
40+ 21 Seth Johnson SP 23.9 BAL TBR Mancini/Siri 3-Team
Tommy John timing nukes Johnson’s top 100 status since he’ll miss 2023. Power fastball/breaking ball prospect.
40 22 Victor Acosta SS 18.1 CIN SDP B. Drury
Twitchy MIF w/everyday ceiling who swung underneath lots of fastballs in AZ. Despite hit tool risk, utility floor.
40 23 JP Sears SP 26.5 OAK NYY F. Montas
Big league-ready backend starter with plus fastball command.
40 24 Robert Gasser SP 23.2 MIL SDP J. Hader
Quick-moving kitchen sink starter with low arm slot. Plus on-mound athlete, big command ceiling.
40 25 Cade Povich SP 22.3 BAL MIN J. Lopez
Backend starter look already (low-90s, four pitches, slider is best) with frame/athleticism to project more stuff.
40 26 Steve Hajjar SP 22.0 CIN MIN T. Mahle
Backend starter look already (low-90s, sneaky fastball) with frame and athleticism for more. Barely 22.
40 27 Andrew Hoffmann SP 22.5 KCR ATL Comp Pick
Workhorse starter type with big slider, burgeoning velocity after nomadic amateur career.
40 28 Tristan Peters RF 22.4 SFG MIL T. Rosenthal
Hitterish corner outfielder with sublime bat control, generic other tools.
40 29 Jadiel Sanchez RF 21.2 LAA PHI N. Syndergaard
Well-built corner outfield prospect with over-aggressive approach.
40 30 Ford Proctor C 25.7 SFG TBR J. Walker
Converted catcher who still plays 2B/SS/3B, K% has exploded in the upper levels.
40 31 Compensatory Pick ~75 2023 CHC MLB W. Contreras
The Cubs aren’t a revenue sharing recipient, so this comp pick would come between rounds 2 & 3, which is typically 40 FV prospect territory, maybe 40+ if the draft is deep. Window dressing like extra pool space flexibility in next year’s draft, and the time it takes for the Cubs to actually add a prospect to their system by taking this approach with Contreras, might also factor into how you value this pick’s value.
40 32 Levi Stoudt MIRP 24.7 CIN SEA L. Castillo
Plus command and fastball utility give him SP shot, changeup regression with new delivery pushes him to ‘pen.
40 33 Ben Brown SIRP 22.9 CHC PHI D. Robertson
Mid-90s heater with plus, mid-80s breaking ball. Fastball plays down. Has missed reps, more might be coming.
40 34 Esteury Ruiz CF 23.5 MIL SDP J. Hader
Speed and CF ability give Ruiz fifth OF floor; if approach improvement is real (I’m skeptical), he’ll be better.
40 35 Beck Way SP 23.0 KCR NYY A. Benintendi
Big velo, body projection, slider potential. Long arm action creates relief risk.
40 36 Enmanuel Valdez 2B 23.6 BOS HOU C. Vázquez
Stocky upper-level hitter with 50/50 hit/power combo and no clear position. Think lefty-hitting Mike Brosseau.
40 37 Christian Encarnacion-Strand 3B 22.7 CIN MIN T. Mahle
Power-hitting 3B/1B with high-risk plate discipline.
40 38 Thomas Szapucki MIRP 26.1 SFG NYM D. Ruf
Lower slot lefty with fine three-pitch mix. On the starter/multi-inning relief pitcher line.
40 39 Max Castillo SP 23.2 KCR TOR W. Merrifield
Sink/tail fifth starter with above-average slider/changeup command.
40 40 Nick Zwack SP 24.0 SFG NYM D. Ruf
East/west sinker/slider guy (the slider is plus) who has had a little velo bump (92-93 mph) in pro ball.
40 41 Chayce McDermott SP 23.9 BAL HOU Mancini/Siri 3-Team
Has four pitches and sits 94 mph with two quality breakers; there’s command-driven relief risk.
40 42 Samad Taylor 2B 24.1 KCR TOR W. Merrifield
Speedy 2B/LF with enough pop to play part-time, Kelby Tomlinson/Eric Young Jr. type of role.
40 43 Corey Rosier CF 22.9 BOS SDP E. Hosmer
Speedy small-college outfielder. Traded twice already (from SEA to SDP for Adam Frazier). Late bloomer traits.
40 44 Mickey Moniak CF 24.2 LAA PHI N. Syndergaard
Former no. 1 overall pick who now looks like a fifth outfielder.
40 45 Tucker Davidson MIRP 26.4 LAA ATL R. Iglesias
Has had Triple-A success as a starter but hasn’t broken thru in a big league rotation, 92-94 mph with plus slider.
40 46 Malcom Nunez DH 21.4 PIT STL Quintana/Stratton
Potent hit/power combination with DH-only look on defense. Role-playing thumper in the 1 WAR range.
40 47 Christian Fernandez SP 23.0 OAK TBR C. Bethancourt
Low-90s velo and a four-pitch mix, he’s a backend starter type.
35+ 48 Alex De Jesus 3B 20.4 TOR LAD M. White
Physical power-over-hit third baseman, strikeout-driven bust risk but easily has 25-plus HR raw power.
35+ 49 Wilyer Abreu LF 23.1 BOS HOU C. Vázquez
Would be role-playing outfield lock if he improves in center. Sweet lefty swing, playable power, ball/strike recog.
35+ 50 Yennier Cano SIRP 28.4 BAL MIN J. Lopez
Three-pitch, middle-inning bully with well below-average control. Hard slider and changeup.
35+ 51 Andrew Moore SIRP 23.0 CIN SEA L. Castillo
Junior college righty who is blossoming in pro ball. Mid-90s, huge breaking ball, 30 command.
35+ 52 Max Ferguson 2B 22.9 BOS SDP E. Hosmer
Plus-running 2B/CF with passive approach at the plate. Needs to add strength.
35+ 53 Hector Rodriguez 2B 18.4 CIN NYM Naquin/Diehl
Twitchy 2B/LF with precocious bat control, limited power ceiling.
35+ 54 Christian Cerda C 19.6 ARI TBR D. Peralta
Bat-first catching prospect with notable size and power for his age.
35 55 Cal Stevenson CF 25.9 OAK TBR C. Bethancourt
Likely to get 2023 shot in Oakland. Small-framed outfielder with plus speed and plate discipline.
35 56 Cooper Bowman 2B 22.5 OAK NYY F. Montas
Has changed swing in pro ball, results have been mixed. Occasionally puts a charge into one, 2B-only type for me.
35 57 Sawyer Gipson-Long SP 24.6 DET MIN M. Fulmer
Valuable buffer against injury, SP 6-to-8 type in a contending org. Uphill low-90s heater, slider command.
35 58 Carson Seymour SP 23.6 SFG NYM D. Ruf
Sits 92-95 mph, fastball plays down a little bit, deep repertoire; he’s a college arm dominating A-ball.
35 59 Juan Nunez RHP 21.7 BAL MIN J. Lopez
Has low-90s velo, plus-plus spin rates, riding life shape.
35 60 Michael Stryffeler SIRP 26.2 SFG SEA Casali/Boyd
Mid-90s fastball, plus slider, fringe control, up/down RP with chance to grab full-time spot with better control.
35 61 German Tapia RF 18.9 LAD TBR G. Cleavinger
Two-year DSL outfielder, swing improved in second year, projectable frame.
35 62 Andy Thomas C 24.1 SFG SEA Casali/Boyd
Workmanlike third catcher on your 40-man, probably a couple of years away despite his age.
35 63 CJ Alexander 3B 26.0 KCR ATL Comp Pick
3B/1B with plus arm, plus raw power, and a hole in the swing at the letters.
35 64 Trey Harris LF 26.6 WSN ATL E. Adrianza
Righty-hitting corner outfielder who was a 40 FV until performance dipped post-2020.
35 65 Juan Rojas LHP 18.5 BAL MIN J. Lopez
Well-built lefty with a beautiful arm stroke, fastball sits upper-80s with vertical shape.
35 66 Ian Hamilton SIRP 27.1 CLE MIN S. León
Mid-90s up/down reliever with low-spin slider.
35 67 Chandler Champlain SP 23.0 KCR NYY A. Benintendi
Big righty with mid-90s sinker, two average breaking balls.
35 68 Carlos Guarate SP 21.3 OAK STL A. Allen
Pitchability righty with below-average stuff.
35 69 Kris Anglin SP 21.0 DET ATL R. Grossman
Lefty with riding fastball, inconsistent early in 2022, better after demotion.
35 70 Saul Gonzalez SP 22.6 CHC NYM M. Givens
Giant 6-foot-7 righty with 45-grade downhill sinker/slider combination.
35 71 Jose Acuna SP 19.8 CIN NYM Naquin/Diehl
Advanced 19-year-old righty with depth starter look.
35 72 Moises Brito SP 20.1 LAD TOR M. White
Projectable 6-foot-5, sitting 86 mph, clean overhand delivery, curveball has shape but not power.
35 73 Jonatan Bernal SP 20.1 KCR TOR F. Griffin
Sinker in the 89-90 mph area, slider has big break but is slow, averaging 76 mph.

Eric Longenhagen is from Catasauqua, PA and currently lives in Tempe, AZ. He spent four years working for the Phillies Triple-A affiliate, two with Baseball Info Solutions and two contributing to prospect coverage at ESPN.com. Previous work can also be found at Sports On Earth, CrashburnAlley and Prospect Insider.

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1 year ago

awesome content. Groome really has been on the radar for a while at this point

1 year ago
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Yeah as a Sox fan not mad they traded him. He’s been considered a prospect for so long now