FanGraphs Audio: Dan Hayes Celebrates Joe Mauer, Michael Baumann Talks Baumann

Episode 1010

On this week’s show, we consider the career of a potential Hall of Famer before getting to know one of our writers better.

  • With Joe Mauer destined for the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame and set to arrive on the Cooperstown ballot for the first time this year as well, Jay Jaffe felt it appropriate to chat with Dan Hayes of The Athletic about the hometown hero. Jay and Dan discuss how stellar Mauer was despite a relatively short resume, and how the brutality of the catcher position combined with the brutality of his concussion symptoms only makes his performance even more impressive. The pair agree Mauer should probably be a slam-dunk pick for the Hall, but they expect some debate about it along the way. [4:02]
  • After that, Ben Clemens is joined by Michael Baumann for the latest edition of FanGraphs Backstories. We get the story of Michael’s sportswriting career before ending up at FanGraphs, including grad school and stops at Crashburn Alley (RIP) and The Ringer. Michael also shares some of his favorite baseball memories from over the years, the most notable of which actually concern college and Little League ball. Finally, Ben and Michael discuss the 2023 SABR Awards (both have nominated pieces) and how their writing styles have adapted to FanGraphs. [27:15]

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1 year ago

It’s not 60/40 for Mauer among Twins fans. Its 60/40 among the people that post to you. The vast majority of Twins fans love Mauer as the local guy who made good. If you don’t believe me see how many people turn out and watch to see him installed in the Twins Hall of Fame this year. It’s certainly not Mauer’s fault that Twins ownership wasn’t willing to spend money on a good Twins team in the aughts.