Ranking the Prospects Traded During the 2021 Deadline

What a ride this year’s deadline was. All told, we had 75 prospects move in the last month. They are ranked below, with brief scouting reports written by me and Kevin Goldstein. Most of the deals these prospects were a part of were analyzed at length on this site. An index of those pieces can be found here, or by clicking the hyperlink in the “Trade” column below. I’ve moved all of the players listed here to their new orgs over on The Board, so you can click through to see where they rank among their new teammates. Our farm rankings, which now update live, also reflect these changes, so you can see where teams’ systems stack up post-deadline.

A couple of quick notes before I get to the rankings. We’ve included a few post-prospect players here (those marked in blue) so you can get an idea of where we value them now as opposed to where we had them at their prospect peak. Those players, as well as the Compensatory pick the Rockies will receive after they extend Trevor Story a qualifying offer and he signs elsewhere, are highlighted below. We had closer to 40 prospects (and 23 Players to be Named Later) traded last year, with the PTBNL number inflated by 2020’s COVID-related transaction rules. The backfields are not well-represented here, with just four prospects who have yet to play in full-season ball. Two of those are currently in the DSL and have no official domestic pro experience, though Alberto Ciprian has played stateside for instructs/extended spring training. Now on to the rankings.

2021 Trade Deadline Prospects
FV Rank Name Position Age Team From Trade
55 1 Josiah Gray SP 23.6 WSN LAD Scherzer
Gray is a mid-rotation lock with late-bloomer traits.
55 2 Nick Madrigal 2B 24.4 CHC CHW Kimbrel
Madrigal is one of the best contact hitters in baseball, the rare safe .300 hitter, but it comes with few walks and very little power.
50 3 Keibert Ruiz C 23.0 WSN LAD Scherzer
Ruiz’s massive power surge in 2021 has stabilized his prospect status as a future above-average everyday catcher.
50 4 Simeon Woods Richardson SP 20.8 MIN TOR Berríos
SWR has a four-pitch mix, plus changeup, deception and command.
50 5 Austin Martin LF 22.4 MIN TOR Berríos
Martin is an on-base machine with contact skills, but questions about his power and defensive home persist.
50 6 Spencer Howard SP 25.0 TEX PHI Gibson/Kennedy
Howard’s peak stuff puts him ahead of SWR here, but injuries and inconsistency have plagued his early career.
50 7 Kevin Alcantara CF 19.1 CHC NYY Rizzo
Alcantara is an ultra-projectable outfielder with elite power projection and uncommon athleticism for his size.
50 8 Ezequiel Duran 2B 22.2 TEX NYY Gallo
Duran is a plus power second baseman whose value is derived mostly from the bat.
45+ 9 Abraham Toro 3B 24.6 SEA HOU K. Graveman
A long-time favorite of data-driven teams, Toro will finally get consistent at-bats in the big leagues.
45 10 Josh Smith 2B 24.0 TEX NYY Gallo
Smith is a smaller guy without eye-popping tools, but there are no weaknesses in his game. He has elite baseball feel and instincts.
45 11 Pete Crow-Armstrong CF 19.4 CHC NYM Báez
PCA is a plus-plus defensive center fielder with a decent bat and average power. The dream here is being the next Jackie Bradley Jr.
45 12 Drew Strotman SP 24.9 MIN TBR N. Cruz
Though it didn’t happen immediately, Strotman’s stuff rebounded after TJ and he has a new, plus cutter. He’s a likely big league starter.
45 13 Reese Olson SP 22.0 DET MIL D. Norris
Olson has four pitches and is into the mid-90s with a plus breaking ball, though there’s relief risk. He’s a multi-inning weapon if he can’t start.
45 14 Hans Crouse MIRP 22.9 PHI TEX Howard/Kennedy
Crouse has seen a bit of a velo dip this year, but his pitchability has improved, the slider remains plus, and he has a new cutter. There’s considerable reliever risk here.
45 15 Alex Jackson C 25.6 MIA ATL A. Duvall
Jackson is a frustrating talent who has yet to make contact in the big leagues. He has big, big power and will get a chance in Miami.
45 16 Alexander Vizcaíno SIRP 24.2 CHC NYY Rizzo
Vizcaíno is a slam dunk late-inning relief prospect.
45 17 Alexander Canario RF 21.2 CHC SFG Bryant
Canario is a tooled out corner outfielder who hasn’t put it together in games. He’s a high risk/high upside type.
45 18 Joe Ryan MIRP 25.2 MIN TBR N. Cruz
Ryan commands his fastball at the letters, where it dominates thanks to its angle and ride.
40+ 19 Aldo Ramirez SP 20.2 WSN BOS Schwarber
Ramirez is an ultra-athletic young righty with an advanced changeup and command. He’s risky due to his age/occupation, and grades out like a second round JUCO arm.
40+ 20 Compensatory Pick ~ No. 31 2022 COL MLB T. Story
Players available where this comp pick is likely to fall in the draft are often near the 45/40+ FV line.
40+ 21 Anderson Espinoza MIRP 23.4 CHC SDP Marisnick
The former top prospect is back after two TJs. Espinoza is sitting 93-95 and flashes a plus breaker/change.
40+ 22 Greg Deichmann RF 26.2 CHC OAK A. Chafin
Deichmann is an older, future fourth outfielder who has failed to build on a 2019 power surge.
40+ 23 Bryce Ball 1B 23.1 CHC ATL J. Pederson
Ball is a gigantic dude with gigantic power and big questions as to his ability to get to it.
40+ 24 Caleb Kilian SP 24.2 CHC SFG Bryant
Kilian is a command-over-stuff guy who locates four average pitches. Back-end starter is the dream.
40+ 25 Gerardo Carrillo SIRP 22.9 WSN LAD Scherzer
Carrillo is a high-octane relief prospect with upper-90s gas, a bevy of pitches, and a violent delivery.
40+ 26 Daniel Palencia SP 21.5 CHC OAK A. Chafin
Palencia throws in the upper-90s and his curveball flashes. He’s barely pitched in pro ball.
40+ 27 Drew Millas C 23.5 WSN OAK Gomes/Harrison
Millas is a plus defender with a plus arm and some power, but big holes in the swing lead to an elevated K rate.
40+ 28 Diego Castillo 2B 23.8 PIT NYY C. Holmes
A foundation of contact skills combined with late-arriving physicality has Castillo looking like a shift-enabled infield piece.
40 29 Konnor Pilkington SP 23.9 CLE CHW C. Hernandez
Pilkington is a pitch-data fave for his excellent fastball shape. He profiles for many as a future reliever.
40 30 Bowden Francis SP 25.3 TOR MIL R. Tellez
A new slider has become the best of Francis’ four pitches. He’s a back-end starter lock.
40 31 Tucupita Marcano 2B 21.9 PIT SDP A. Frazier
Marcano has a super-advanced bat, but is rail-thin without real power projection.
40 32 Hoy Park SS 25.3 PIT NYY C. Holmes
Park had a stat breakout at age 25. He’s a viable middle infielder with good bat-to-ball skills.
40 33 Cooper Hummel C 26.7 ARI MIL E. Escobar
A 1B/LF/”catcher,” Hummel switch hits and can punish mistakes. He’s a Swiss Army Knife role player.
40 34 Trevor Hauver 2B 22.7 TEX NYY Gallo
Hauver has average power, tons of walks and Ks, and no real defensive home yet.
40 35 Austin Shenton 1B 23.6 TBR SEA D. Castillo
Shenton is a bat-only future first baseman. Will 50 pop be enough?
40 36 Kevin Gowdy SP 23.7 TEX PHI Gibson/Kennedy
Gowdy is a former overslot high school arm who’s had injuries. His velo is up in 2021; he has a back-end starter shot now.
40 37 Bryan De La Cruz RF 24.6 MIA HOU Y. García
De La Cruz has added power in 2021. It’s a good fourth outfielder profile with a chance to be a second-division starter.
40 38 Payton Henry C 24.1 MIA MIL Curtiss
Henry is a big, physical backstop with a plus arm and some pop. The bat is the question mark.
40 39 Noah Davis SP 24.3 COL CIN M. Givens
Davis has a mid-90s fastball and a good slider. His command and changeup must improve to start.
40 40 Ricky DeVito SP 22.9 PIT ATL R. Rodriguez
DeVito is a sinker/changeup relief prospect who enjoyed a velo spike during quarantine.
40 41 Riley Adams C 25.1 WSN TOR B. Hand
Adams is a big, physical catching prospect with power and strikeout issues. He’s a high probability backup.
40 42 Glenn Otto SIRP 25.4 TEX NYY Gallo
Otto is a slider machine who might be better off in the ‘pen.
40 43 Alex Scherff SIRP 23.5 MIN BOS H. Robles
Scherff is a future middle reliever with mid-90s heat and a plus changeup, but he’s never found a consistent breaker.
40 44 Carter Bins C 23.2 PIT SEA T. Anderson
Bins is a plus defensive catcher with huge questions surrounding the hit tool, but at least he draws walks.
40 45 Kelvin Gutierrez 3B 26.9 BAL KCR Cash
Gutierrez is a plus third baseman with vanilla hit/power tools. He’s an infielder utility type.
40 46 Damon Casetta-Stubbs SIRP 22.0 CLE SEA J. Bauers
Casetta-Stubbs had a velo spike and has a plus breaking ball. He’s a relief prospect.
40 47 Joaquin Tejada SP 18.0 PIT SEA T. Anderson
Tejada is an athletic teen righty with big curveball spin rates.
40 48 Mason Thompson SIRP 23.4 WSN SDP D. Hudson
Thompson has upper-90s gas and flashes a plus slider, but he’s often injured and has sub-par stats.
35+ 49 Jack Suwinski DH 23.0 PIT SDP A. Frazier
Suwinski is an interesting sleeper with big power and patience at the plate. His ability to limit Ks will define his future.
35+ 50 Seth Shuman SP 23.7 WSN OAK Gomes/Harrison
Shuman has a command-over-stuff starter’s package. Scouts wonder if he has a real weapon in the zone.
35+ 51 Tyler Burch SIRP 24.0 BAL PHI Galvis
Burch enjoyed a velo spike and has a plus slider. He led the Phillies org in SwStr% before the deal.
35+ 52 Peyton Battenfield SIRP 23.9 CLE TBR Luplow
Battenfield is a relief prospect with a rising fastball and a plus cutter.
35+ 53 Jordy Barley SS 21.7 WSN SDP D. Hudson
Barley has plus power and plus speed, but is chronically inconsistent.
35+ 54 Jose Marte SIRP 25.2 LAA SFG T. Watson
Marte throws upper-90s cheddar, and has an upper-80s slider and 30 control.
35+ 55 Kasey Kalich SIRP 23.3 KCR ATL Soler
Kalich has a mid-90s heater and had a short eval window as amateur. He’s a relief prospect.
35+ 56 Elvis Peguero SIRP 24.4 LAA NYY Heaney
Peguero is a long, loose reliever who has gotten into the upper 90s and is still looking for something consistent to go with it.
35+ 57 Bailey Horn MIRP 23.5 CHC CHW Tepera
Horn is 93-95 with an average breaking ball. He’s a relief prospect.
35+ 58 Yainer Diaz C 22.9 HOU CLE P. Maton
Diaz is an older catcher with contact ability, a bit of pop and a plus arm; his approach is the issue.
35+ 59 Abrahan Gutierrez C 21.8 PIT PHI B. Ogle
Gutierrez is a big-bodied catcher who is a solid defender with a good approach, some contact skills, and little power.
35+ 60 Janson Junk SP 25.5 LAA NYY Heaney
A somewhat generic reliever, Junk has a low-to-mid 90s fastball and a new (and newly-average) slider.
35+ 61 T.J. Zeuch SP 26.0 STL TOR Cash
The former first-round pick has struggled to miss big league bats. Zeuch has up-and-down starter feel at this point.
35+ 62 Ivan Armstrong MIRP 21.0 LAA SFG T. Watson
Armstrong looks like an NFL guard on-mound. He has a mid-90s fastball and an average slider.
35+ 63 Josh Gessner SIRP 21.2 TEX PHI Gibson/Kennedy
The Aussie product is showing a 92-94 mph sinker and a decent slider in the complex league.
35 64 Alberto Ciprian 3B 18.7 ARI MIL E. Escobar
Ciprian, a young international bat, has big power potential and has generated big fear over where he ends up defensively, with first base the most likely answer.
35 65 Keegan Curtis SIRP 25.8 ARI NYY T. Locastro
Curtis is an upper-level up/down relief-type with big fastball carry.
35 66 Case Williams SIRP 19.5 CIN COL M. Givens
Williams is a young righty with breaking ball feel.
35 67 Evan Sisk SIRP 24.3 MIN STL Happ
Sisk is an extra-org lefty with some ability to spin it. He has situational reliever ceiling.
35 68 Carlos Rincon RF 23.8 NYM LAD B. McKinney
Rincon is a corner outfield prospect with pop and strikeouts.
35 69 Braeden Ogle SIRP 24.0 PHI PIT A. Gutierrez
Ogle has had a velo spike but his fastball shape is poor. He’s a lefty relief flier.
35 70 Michell Miliano SIRP 21.6 PIT SDP A. Frazier
Miliano is a young, sleek righty with low-90s velo, a good curve, and 20 control.
35 71 John Nogowski 1B 28.6 PIT STL Cash
An upper-level performer, Nogowski is first base-only without big pop.
35 72 Calvin Faucher SIRP 25.9 TBR MIN N. Cruz
Faucher has had a velo bump and has huge spin. He’s a relief flier.
35 73 Matt Dyer C 23.0 TBR NYM R. Hill
Dyer is a lean, athletic catcher with power, an arm, and lots of strikeouts.
35 74 Donovan Casey RF 25.4 WSN LAD Scherzer
Casey is an older Double-A performer, but a poor approach, middling pop and a corner profile limit him.
35 75 Richard Guasch SIRP 23.3 WSN OAK Gomes/Harrison
Guasch is a 23-year-old Cuban who has mid-90s heat and a plus slider, but a bull-in-a-china-shop approach to locating.

Eric Longenhagen is from Catasauqua, PA and currently lives in Tempe, AZ. He spent four years working for the Phillies Triple-A affiliate, two with Baseball Info Solutions and two contributing to prospect coverage at ESPN.com. Previous work can also be found at Sports On Earth, CrashburnAlley and Prospect Insider.

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2 years ago

Curious where Bryse Wilson would rank here if he wasn’t a little outside rookie eligibility.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anon21

Well preseason, they had him as a 45. Given his season so far, he’s probably a 40+ now

2 years ago
Reply to  Anon21

Ditto Pablo Sandoval

2 years ago
Reply to  ryancmcrae

80 grade physique.