Ranking the Prospects Traded During the 2023 Deadline

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Ranked and briefly analyzed below are the prospects who have been traded during the loosely defined “2023 deadline season,” which for simplicity’s sake I consider all of July. Most of the deals these prospects were part of have been analyzed at length on this site. An index of those pieces can be found here, or by clicking the hyperlink in the “Trade” column below, which will take you to the relevant article. I’ve moved all of the 35+ FV and above players listed here to their new orgs over on The Board, so you can click through to see where they rank among their new teammates and read their full scouting reports. Our Farm System Rankings, which update live, also reflect these changes, so you can see where teams’ systems stack up following the draft and the deadline.

2023 Traded Prospects
FV Rank Player Position Age Team From Trade
50 1 Kyle Manzardo 1B 23.0 CLE TBR Civale
Stable, comfortably plus hit tool should allow for everyday role despite lacking prototypical first base power.
50 2 Drew Gilbert CF 22.8 NYM HOU Verlander
A well-rounded, do-everything everyday center field prospect, though probably not a star.
50 3 Luisangel Acuña SS 21.4 NYM TEX Scherzer
Huge bat/hand speed made risky by an impatient approach. Has everyday middle infield talent.
50 4 Edgar Quero C 20.3 CHW LAA Giolito/López
Switch-hitting, bat-first catcher whose youth generates optimism about his ability to develop on defense.
50 5 Tekoah Roby SP 21.9 STL TEX Montgomery
Impact mid-rotation talent currently on the shelf with a shoulder injury. Monstrous curveball.
50 6 Korey Lee C 25.0 CHW HOU Graveman
Glove-first catcher with 70 arm and enough pull pop to be a primary catcher despite 30-grade hit tool.
45+ 7 Marco Vargas 2B 18.2 NYM MIA Robertson
Exciting, hitterish teenage middle infielder with compact lefty stroke. Impact hit tool could drive everyday role.
45+ 8 Nick Nastrini SIRP 23.5 CHW LAD Lynn/Kelly
Erratic righty with plus velo and breaking stuff. On the SP/RP line but likely to make impact in either role.
45 9 Jake Eder SP 24.8 CHW MIA Burger
Slides out of Top 100 due to velo dip post-TJ, but still has monster slider and set-up man floor.
45 10 Ryan Clifford RF 20.0 NYM HOU Verlander
Stiff, power-hitting corner bat with strong side of a platoon projection. Lucas Duda type.
45 11 Kahlil Watson SS 20.3 CLE MIA Bell
Mercurial switch-hitting middle infielder with more talent than production due to hit tool risk and immaturity.
45 12 Sem Robberse SP 21.8 STL TOR Hicks
Strike-throwing youngster with good secondary stuff (change/curve/cutter) and no. 4/5 starter projection.
40+ 13 Thomas Saggese 3B 21.3 STL TEX Montgomery
Lacks typical pro athlete build and strength, but hands work great. Plus contact quality, 40 contact and defense.
40+ 14 Kevin Made SS 20.9 WSN CHC Candelario
Deep projection shortstop with room for strength and decent feel to hit. Considerable long-term upside.
40+ 15 Bradley Blalock SP 22.6 MIL BOS Urías
Vertical action righty. 2022 breakout pick here at FG, but TJ delayed it until ’23. Plus fastball/curve.
40+ 16 Jake Madden SP 21.6 COL LAA Grichuk/Cron
Athleticism and frame-projection righty who’s more raw dev material than polished stuff right now.
40+ 17 Hao-Yu Lee 2B 20.5 DET PHI Lorenzen
Stocky 2B/3B with strength-driven power. Below-average athlete, more likely role player than everyday piece.
40+ 18 Estuar Suero CF 17.9 PIT SDP Choi/Hill
Biggest risk/reward prospect moved at the deadline. 6-foot-5 switch-hitting center fielder with huge hit tool risk.
40+ 19 DJ Herz SIRP 22.6 WSN CHC Candelario
Funky lefty reliever prospect with great changeup and low-90s fastball.
40+ 20 Jordan Leasure SIRP 25.0 CHW LAD Lynn/Kelly
Velo leap has heater in the upper-90s, potential 7th/8th inning type.
40 21 César Prieto 2B 24.2 STL BAL Flaherty
Might have a 7 hit tool, but plays down due to chase. 40-grade infield defender. Eric Sogard type.
40 22 Ryan Bliss 2B 23.6 SEA ARI Sewald
Above-average pop for a 2B, but it tends to only show up against breaking balls. 2B-only defender, no versatility.
40 23 Justin Jarvis MIRP 23.5 NYM MIL Canha
Vertical slot starter with deep repertoire. Arm strength and command a little south of average.
40 24 Ky Bush SP 23.7 CHW LAA Giolito/López
Peak velo seems to be in the past, now looks like low-90s fifth starter/middle reliever.
40 25 Jackson Wolf SIRP 24.3 PIT SDP Choi/Hill
Low-slot lefty with a good slider, command. Fiery on-mound competitor with fifth starter/middle relief fit.
40 26 Ronald Hernandez C 19.8 NYM MIA Robertson
Advanced switch-hitting catcher with an above-average arm and exciting feel to hit. Will probably take a while.
40 27 Jhonny Severino 3B 18.7 PIT MIL C. Santana
Young power-hitting SS/3B project with hit tool risk due to chase. Huge power for his age.
40 28 Adam Kloffenstein SP 22.9 STL TOR Hicks
Sinker/slider backend starter with new, lower arm slot than he’s shown in the past. On 2024 debut pace.
40 29 Mason Albright SP 20.7 COL LAA Grichuk/Cron
Plus lefty curveball all but ensures big league relief fit, finding a changeup will enable him to start.
40 30 Victor Vodnik SIRP 23.8 COL ATL Johnson
Relief-only prospect with huge velo and plus changeup.
40 31 Henry Williams SP 21.9 KCR SDP Barlow
2022 draftee coming off TJ, projectable frame and athlete with vulnerable downhill heater, plus curveball.
40 32 Joe Boyle SIRP 24.0 OAK CIN Moll
Upper-90s fastball as a starter, sliders and curveballs both plus, 20-grade control.
40 33 Sean Reynolds SIRP 25.3 SDP MIA Weathers
Converted infielder with 96-97 mph fastball and plus slider. Big league-ready middle relief fit.
40 34 Dominic Canzone RF 26.0 SEA ARI Sewald
Corner platoon OF with some issues vs. breaking balls. Plus power. Absurd ’23 exit velos at Reno as older hitter.
35+ 35 Jeremy Rodriguez SS 17.2 NYM ARI Pham
Well-rounded DSL shortstop with a shot to be a regular five years from now.
35+ 36 Drew Rom SP 23.6 STL BAL Flaherty
Spot starter with low-90s fastball, sweeper slider, above-average command, funky delivery.
35+ 37 Marques Johnson SIRP 23.1 SFG BOS Llovera
College starter who’s had three-tick bump as pro reliever. Vertical fastball/breaker combo with 30 control.
35+ 38 Nick Robertson SIRP 25.0 BOS LAD Hernández
Up/down reliever with mid-90s fastball and above-average changeup.
35+ 39 Josh Roberson SIRP 27.2 CHC TBR Rodríguez
Hard-throwing enigma with 20-grade control. Sitting 97, flashing plus slider, walking 6/9 IP since ’21.
35+ 40 Sammy Hernandez C 19.2 STL TOR Cabrera
Athletic catcher with plus bat speed, hit tool risk. Raw pitch recognition and defense.
35 41 Devin Mann 2B 26.5 KCR LAD Yarbrough
Upper-level performer, infield versatility (best at corners) with shot to be bench stalwart.
35 42 Juan Carela SP 21.7 CHW NYY Middleton
Low-90s sinker/cutter spot starter type. Could be long relief type with velo bump in shorter stints.
35 43 Easton Lucas SIRP 26.9 OAK BAL Fujinami
Had four-tick bump this year, but it came at cost of control. Potential up/down reliever.
35 44 Tanner Gordon SP 25.8 COL ATL Johnson
Plus command of 40-grade three-pitch mix. Spot starter.
35 45 Evan McKendry SP 25.5 MIL TBR Jackson
Deceptive kitchen sink righty, upper-level depth.
35 46 Justin Hagenman SP 26.8 BOS LAD Hernández
91-94 mph with sink, good changeup. Spot starter.
35 47 Alec Barger SIRP 25.3 COL ATL Hand
Up/down “look” reliever sitting 93-94 with average slider.
35 48 Jesus Rios SP 21.6 KCR SDP Barlow
DSL starter sitting 93 with sink, upper-80s cutter and changeup. Potential backend starter far from the bigs.
35 49 Zack Showalter SP 19.5 STL BAL Flaherty
Uphill fastball/slider prospect with relief risk.
35 50 Jeremiah Jackson 3B 23.4 NYM LAA Leone
Rejoins old Angels brass. Huge power with 20-grade hit tool.
35 51 Derlin Figueroa 1B 19.8 KCR LAD Yarbrough
Slow-twitch lefty stick with uphill swing and power. First base projection on defense.
35 52 Chad Patrick SP 24.9 OAK ARI Peterson
Sitting 92, remarkably consistent slider/cutter command drives depth starter fit.
35 53 Logan Rinehart SP 25.8 BAL SEA Bazardo
Recent bullpen convert with a good changeup/slider combo.
35 54 Matt Svanson SIRP 24.5 STL TOR DeJong
Sinker/slider low-leverage relief prospect out of Lehigh.
35 55 Eddys Leonard 2B 22.7 DET LAD Cash Considerations
Mid-minors on-paper performer. Has 50/55 hit tool but no true defensive home.

Eric Longenhagen is from Catasauqua, PA and currently lives in Tempe, AZ. He spent four years working for the Phillies Triple-A affiliate, two with Baseball Info Solutions and two contributing to prospect coverage at ESPN.com. Previous work can also be found at Sports On Earth, CrashburnAlley and Prospect Insider.

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