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FanGraphs Audio: Stove Season Begins

Episode 895

The Qualifying Offers have been extended — or not — and so begins the hot stove. On this week’s show, the FanGraphs crew looks closely at another rebuild on the rise and lays out the nature of the offseason’s transactions so far.

  • At the top of the episode, David Laurila is joined by Shannon Drayer of 710 ESPN Seattle. David and Shannon discuss the Seattle Mariners, who went 27-33 in 2020 but are very encouraged by the direction they are going. And while Kyle Lewis stole the show this season, a restocked farm system means more help may be on the way. [1:45]
  • Following that, Eric Longenhagen and Jason Martinez go over some of the more interesting roster moves so far. Jason and Eric look at how this weird winter could unfold. What are the Mets going to do? Is Kevin Gausman legit? And are any of these early waiver moves going to pan out? Be sure to follow all the winter’s free agent action using the RosterResource Free Agent Tracker! [25:26]

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FanGraphs Audio: Ranking the Free Agents

Episode 894

The Los Angeles Dodgers are World Series champions for the first time since 1988, which also means that the offseason has officially arrived. The hard-working FanGraphs crew is ready with plenty of analysis on this free agent class and this unique playoff run.

  • Meg Rowley and Craig Edwards lead off the show by talking about the hot-and-fresh 2021 Top 50 Free Agents rankings. Just as this season was a strange one, this winter may be far from normal as well, especially in the free agent market. What kind of challenges were there in putting this list together? What kind of role will the Qualifying Offer play? Is Kolten Wong a harbinger of more quality players being let go? [1:43]
  • After that, Jay Jaffe and Dan Szymborski discuss the Dodgers finally reaching the top. Jay grew up a Dodgers fan and recently wrote about what this championship meant to him. The pair also find themselves obligated to discuss the Blake Snell hook, the Justin Turner debacle, and how wonderful it is to cheer for Mookie Betts. [24:39]

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FanGraphs Audio: A Mid-Series Assessment

Episode 893

With the 2020 Fall Classic between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays knotted up at 1-1, the FanGraphs crew spends some time analyzing the state of each pennant-winning club.

  • In the first half of the show, Ben Clemens and Tony Wolfe try to figure out the Dodgers. Corey Seager is absolutely en fuego, but what exactly is going on with the pitching plan? And is Dustin May as good as his stuff? The National League champions are as full of talent as they are questions. [1:39]
  • In the back half of the episode, Jay Jaffe and Eric Longenhagen discuss the Rays and the legend of Randy Arozarena. While some folks were a bit ahead of the curve on his potential, nobody expected him to do what he has done this postseason. Is this legit? What exactly happened to turn him into Randy Arozarena? And how does Tampa Bay look two games into the World Series? [28:10]

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FanGraphs Audio: Hindsight in 2020

Episode 892

While the playoffs rage on, the FanGraphs crew sadly must again turn their attention to former greats. This episode includes reflections on the past, reflections on ourselves, the 1968 Detroit Tigers theme song, and more.

  • To lead off the show, Jay Jaffe honors the late Whitey Ford and Joe Morgan. Jay recently wrote about both Ford and Morgan, whose impressive careers and achievements are well worth revisiting. [1:50]
  • After that, Jay is joined by Eric Longenhagen to talk more about Morgan’s legacy. The second baseman was undoubtedly a focal point in the sabermetric culture war, inspiring Eric and Jay to reflect on how we discuss ideologies — both within baseball and more broadly — then and now. [14:35]
  • Finally, David Laurila is joined by Dan Dickerson, the radio play-by-play voice of the Detroit Tigers. David and Dan discuss topics such as Tigers squads past and present, Miguel Cabrera, and that Magglio Ordonez home run. [46:00]

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FanGraphs Audio: Andrew Miller and the Guest Episode

Episode 891

While the playoff field continues to narrow, the FanGraphs crew invites a number of guests to join the show. This week they honor a Hall of Famer, talk to a major league pitcher, discuss what is going on with fall instructional league this year, and evaluate an encouraging rebuild.

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FanGraphs Audio: Very Wild Card Series

Episode 890

The FanGraphs crew has made it through the Wild Card Series, and they have plenty to discuss. The American League has settled into a pair of intense rivalries, while the National League includes a juggernaut and a true underdog.

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FanGraphs Audio: Jason Martinez Looks To Repeat

Episode 889

The latest episode of FanGraphs Audio is here in time to preview the 16-team playoff bracket. The Astros continue to receive a closer look as they enter the playoffs (they’re far from the favorites this time around), while the staff prepares for predictions — as well as some impressive callbacks.

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FanGraphs Audio: The FanGraphs Staff Makes a Podcast

Episode 888

FanGraphs Audio returns just in time for the last weekend of the 2020 season. With a wild playoff schedule looming, the FanGraphs crew discusses topics including young arms that could help in a deep postseason run, the fate of Justin Verlander, and of course, the future of the podcast.

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FanGraphs Audio: Craig Edwards Recalls He Is a Lawyer

Episode 887

I welcome FanGraphs writer Craig Edwards to the program. Craig and I discuss the growing tension between team owners and players, MLB’s claim that a season of fanless games will result in $4 billion in losses, the move to shorten the amateur draft, and the discourse surrounding it all. Plus, Craig briefly puts his lawyer hat back on to assess the so-called smoking gun email, and we recall the 2011 World Series.

Relevant Craig pieces:

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FanGraphs Audio: Jay Jaffe Figuratively Embraces the Lotte Giants

Episode 886

On this edition of FanGraphs Audio, I welcome FanGraphs senior writer Jay Jaffe to the program. Jay and I discuss his impressions of the first week of KBO action, the teams he finds the most compelling, and the differences between the KBO and MLB that he has appreciated most. We also discuss his recent piece on the impact that the cancellation of Induction Weekend has had on the Hall of Fame, as well as the people and small businesses of Cooperstown.

Jay’s KBO Coverage: A Thumbnail Guide to the KBO’s 2020 Season; Nothing Lost in Translation: Meet Dan Kurtz, the KBO’s Top Ambassador Part 1, Part 2; Half a World Away, the Korea Baseball Organization Looks to Play.

Shakeia Taylor: Is Baseball Ready to Love Dick Allen?

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